Dark Ambient Label Cryo Chamber Profiled

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

“I have a quite visual relationship with music, and I tend to close my eyes when listening,” says Simon Heath. “When I listen to black metal, it takes me to abandoned castles and deep northern forests where I can visualize every cracked stone or broken twig. When listening to techno, I visualise the bass pulsating through interdimensional space. I don’t love music for just the sounds. Sounds are just a means to help transport me somewhere interesting beyond the mundane.”

Heath makes music under a few guises—including Atrium Carceri, Sabled Sun, and Krusseldorf—and since 2012, he’s been the proprietor of the dark ambient label Cryo Chamber. But the idea that sound can create a rich, detailed space in the imagination is one that has inspired him since his earliest creative excursions.