An Interview With Lee Ranaldo And Raül Refree

Source: The Quietus.

In their separate conversations, Ranaldo and Refree both pinpoint the breakthrough moment that occurred as soon as it was decided that this was going to be a fully fledged duo project, rather than another Lee Ranaldo solo album with Refree’s name listed in the production credits. “From that moment on, we really felt free to try anything,” remembers Refree who had worked with Ranaldo before and now found himself as one half of a bona fide musical partnership. “We were not tied to anything. We were trying not to be tied to our past. We just tried to do what we really felt that we had to do.” At first, he recalls, the two musicians didn’t even know exactly what it was they were working on. Was it an album? A single? An EP? Something that could conceivably be replicated live… or perhaps not? They weren’t entirely sure.