Clean Feed Records New Releases

Source: Clean Feed Records.

Kaja Draskler Octet
Out for Stars
After Gledalec surprised everybody with it’s originality and depth, “Out for Stars” delivers more beautiful group interaction. The match between instruments and voices brings the music to a total uncharted land. I was lucky enough to see this band live twice and the concert they did in Ljubljana last year was just my 2019 pick. It surprised everyone as this band is much about generosity and egoless spirits.

Humanization Quartet
Believe, Believe
Humanization is Luis Lopes main group and what a tour the force. Luis rather than giving the other band members instructions he feds them up with the spirit of what he wants, more than giving them written material he shows the way and this way is all about human contact through music, their music. The results are ever surprising and filled with joy, courage and a sense of interaction that cannot be denied.

Patty Waters
An Evening in Houston
What a great honour to release new recordings of this true icon of music on Clean Feed. We are all her fans here and this record should be considered a major statement by Patty Waters. She’s exploring deeply her own genre in music. What a delight!

Øyvind Skarbø / Fredrik Ljungkvist / Kris Davis / Ole Morten Vågan Inland Empire
This is an all star quartet featuring master musicians from Norway, Sweden and USA. In a very democratic way they work the material by all four of them giving it a concept that transcendes the usual theme-solo-theme but open it all up to the moment. It’s a piece of beautiful recorded music and you’ll hear why.

Simon Nabatov w/ Chris Speed / Herb Robertson / John Hèbert / Tom Rainey
Another stellar quintet by the Russian born American resident genius of modern jazz. Along with Chris Speed, Herb Robertson, John Hébert and Tom Rainey, Nabatov explores his personal frontier between composition and improvisation, complexity means beauty here.

Jean D. L (Feat. Lee Ranaldo & Margaret Hermant)
“Forays” It’s a dark, poetic and deeply evocative journey to the inner self more than to the cosmos. An intimistic and noisy universe, made of hazy landscapes slowly building in intensity. The effect is haunting, but also beautiful. A real pearl.

Bernhard Meyer / John Hollenbeck
A fortunate encounter between two musicians with jazz background seeking new frontiers. We could say that “Grids” it´s mix of soft rock-oriented, jazz and minimal atmospheres but the music inside is too complex, too exploratory, too deliciously strange to have a label. A very welcomed surprise.

The Private Sector
Toned pits the fiercely analog, animalistic saxophone of Tom Weeks against the crushing digital precision of Nathan Corder’s eminently mutable networks, alongside the poly directional structures of Leo Suarez’s approach to percussion. “The Private Sector” is a distrust in the canons of present-day art forms and commonly ingested sound principles, even what you vaguely identify as punk (the attitude) and as jazz (the sound) is devoured by the procedures, resulting in a musical praxis you have certainly never heard before. This is a bomb.