Midira Records New Releases

Source: Midira Records.

thisquietarmy returns with a new solo album, no band, no drum machine, just Eric Quach and his noisedrones. A concept album born out of impressions made by Berlin visits during the last 10 years. The focus of „Kesselhaus“ is more into noise and industrial sounds and will surprise everyone who is expecting the typical signature sounds of thisquietarmy.

N + [ B O L T ] PLAY 15 AMPS
N + [ B O L T ] return to Midira with an audio documentation of a massive project, that happened in 2015 at Christuskirche Bochum. The trio arranged 15 amps in a circle and invited the audience to sit inside the amp henge. The result was an evolving ambient/drone soundwall.

We are pleased to introduce to you Jarmo Huhta from Finland. On his debut album “Midair” he combines real instruments with electronics, fusing ambient, drone, neofolk and free-jazz elements with modern classical influences, using instruments like piano, cello, french horn, clarinet, accordion, voice, and ethnic percussions. A perfect soundtrack for an imaginary movie.