New Projects From Machinefabriek

Source: Machinefabriek.

Porcelain (Original Film Soundtrack)

In the previous mailing I talked about Jenneke Boeijink’s film Porcelain (Porselein), which screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam this year, and will be screened at select cinema’s throughout the Netherlands from March 12. The soundtrack for Porcelain is released now, on cd and as download/stream. Besides ten pieces that are used in the film, the album has twelve additional outtakes – tracks that didn’t make the cut, but are worth hearing. The cello you’ll hear on quite a few tracks is by the amazing Francesco Guerri, who you might know from his work with Carla Bozulich.


Yes, the second FEAN album, and this time also available on vinyl! FEAN II is culled from the same recording sessions as the first volume. So again the line-up for this project excists of Piiptsjilling plus Belgium guests Annelies Monseré, Sylvain Chauveau and Joachim Badenhorst. Compared to the first FEAN album, the mood here is more concentrated and inward focused I’d say. But listen for yourself… the first three tracks of the album are streaming on Bandcamp now.

Bij Wat Ook Moog’ Gebeuren

Fluid Audio re-released the Bij Wat Ook Moog’ Gebeuren (Come What May), by Leo Fabriek, Gareth Davis and me. Previously only available in digital format, it’s now out as a superluxurious CDr packaging, consisting of two 3-inch CDrs, and loads of (real) old book parts.


Journalist/writer Ian Urbina aproached me (and numerous other musicians all over the world) for his The Outlaw Ocean Music Project. The artists involved all delivered music inspired by Ian’s his book The Outlaw Ocean, in which he reports about the lawlessness of the oceans – the exploitation, corruption, polution, slavery, and even killings that happen on sea, hidden from the public eye. It’s an exhilerating and horrifying book. Incorporating field recordings that Ian made during his trip, my track Barker focusses on the discovery, chase and capture of illegal fishing boat Thunder, by (environmental organization) Sea Shepherd’s vessel the Bob Barker.

Moving Music

First available as part of the Moving Furniture crowd funding campaign, this compilation is now for sale …. It contains all exclusive tracks, lots of them by duos, like my track with Gareth Davis, as well as music by TVO & Jos Smolders, Martijn Comes & René Aquarius, Radboud Mens & BJ Nilsen, and loads more. The artwork was done by yours truly.


Compilation (cd/lp/digital) on Temporary Residence
Not bad, to be on an album on Temporary Residence! Field Works is a project by Stuart Hyatt. For this second instalment of the project, he invited various artist to work with his recordings of bats. I’m in great company: Taylor Deupree, Noveller, Kelly Moran, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Mary Latimore an Eluvium are among the participating artists.