New and Recent Releases from Cyclic Law

Source: Cyclic Law.

NERATERRÆ “Scenes From The Sublime” CD (154th Cycle)

Follow up to the highly acclaimed debut album “The Substance of Perception”, Alessio Antoni’s NERATERRÆ returns with yet another monumental album. Consisting of ten tracks, each one inspired by a different painting, “Scenes From the Sublime” is an ode to beauty, the unfathomable and the minds capable of channeling the sublime. A captivating yet unsettling contemplative aural experience that guides the listener through dense dystopian atmospheres granting oneiric visions of delicate grandeur and otherworldly scenarios transcending time and space. This journey features collaborations by Alphaxone, Dödsmaskin, Leila Abdul-Rauf, Mount Shrine, Phelios, Phragments, Shrine, Xerxes The Dark, George Zafiriadis from Martyria and Yann Hagimont from Cober Ord. Artwork by Anirudh Acharya. Mastering by Kjetil Ottersen.

AJNA “Oracular” CD (142nd Cycle)

New offering from New York city’s master of Isolationist Ambient. A continuation of the previously explored realm of the spirit world through “Lucid Intrusion” (Cyclic Law 2018), we’re now being depicted a unique journey of an Outer Body Experience. As the spirit leaves the physical body and is propelled to a parallel universe, it encounters unknown phenomenas and travels obscure and unrecognisable landscapes. An otherworldly journey through an infinite realm, a subconscious terra incognita.

NEW RISEN THRONE “The Outside” 2CD (133rd Cycle)

Fourth chapter of a series that began with 2007’s “Whispers Of The Approaching Wastefulness” (Cyclic Law). A Conceptual soundtrack envisioning the evolution of a fictional story and of which will soon come a VR experience. After centuries of isolation the human race begins a journey in search of the causes that led to the end of its world, and for the first time it approaches the Structures, new life forms that have developed and evolved in the emptiness of “The Outside”. Through this cinematic landscape we find again the now well known and unique sonic approach to Dark Ambient by Stielh, one of Italy’s true master of the genre.

COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER / COBER ORD “Palimpseste” CD (145th Cycle)

Recorded in various undisclosed caves and secret locations within the French Pyrenean landscape, we are now witness to a very unique channelling of forces emanating from these two singular ritual acts. In textual studies, a “Palimpseste” is writing material, such as a parchment or tablet, used one or more times after earlier writings have been erased from it. It can also be regarded as something having usually diverse layers or aspects apparent beneath the surface. The conductive element within these recordings is water, sound sources recorded from cave lakes, streams and rivers are featured through out these recordings, carefully merged with stark, cavernous drone soundscapes and disquieting chants, guiding us to unknown territories as we venture within these singular chambers and places. The whole transpires as an hymn to the power of water, to cleanse and purify, and even destroy all it touches.