The Jazz Journalists Survey (2020 Edition)

Source: JazzFuel. The answers to this poll ring true. Be honest and polite, know your reviewer’s preferences, and make really good music. And do cut us a little slack as just managing promo intake is an overwhelming task.

If you want to get the news about your latest album release out into the world, jazz journalists (aka bloggers, music writers, critics, reviewers…) are one of the most effective ways of doing this.

Something we’ve seen from our own press outreach campaigns is that, aside from connecting an artist with more fans, a couple of key press quotes from a great album review can be a big help when reaching out to festivals, clubs and other people within the music industry.

As with many aspects of the jazz musician’s career, though, this press outreach is something that often falls into the ‘Do-It-Yourself‘ camp and, as such, can get forgotten or not taken care of to its full potential.

If you’ve ever released new music, or will be in the near future, you might have unanswered questions on this topic.