Coming to Scholes Street Studio 

Source: Brooklyn’s Scholes Street Studio.

Wednesday, March 4, 8pm: Rema Hasumi & Kazuki Yamanaka “Improvisor Gathering”

Pianist Rema Hasumi and saxophonist Kazuki Yamanaka, both of whom are New York based Japanese musicians, will play a double bill, called “Improvisor Gathering”. The two bring their own groups, including the wonderful individuals with various backgrounds.

Rema Hasumi Trio
Rema Hasumi (piano)
Henry Fraser (bass)
Raf Vertessen (drums)

Kazuki Yamanaka Group
Kazuki Yamanaka (alto saxophone)
Santiago Leibson (piano)
Carmen Rothwell (bass)
Billy Mintz (drums)

Friday, March 6, 8pm: Departure Duo & Marina Kifferstein + Meaghan Burke

Departure Duo presents a concert of repertoire written especially for soprano and double bass. We are very excited to premiere a new piece by Haukur Þór Harðarson and share some of our new and old(er) favorites from the repertoire.

Pied Beauty – Stephen Dembski
All mute things speak today – Lila Meretzky
Lotófagos – Beat Furrer
Poems for the Fire – Haukur Þór Harðarson with text by Sophie Fetokaki (world premiere!!!)
VULNERR – Dan Lewis
Vidi l’angelo nel marmo – Katherine Balch

Saturday, March 7, 8pm: Polyfold Presents: Tal Yahalom Quintet & Marta Sanchez Quartet

Tal Yahalom Quintet
David Leon – alto saxophone
Ledah Finck – violin, viola
Christopher Hoffman – cello
Rogerio Boccato – percussion
Tal Yahalom – guitar + compositions
Marta Sanchez Quartet
Hery Paz – tenor
Kenneth Jimenez – bass
Mark Ferber – drums
Marta Sanchez – piano, compositions

About Polyfold: Polyfold is a grassroots, artist-led non-profit organization that helps create opportunities for improvising musicians to present creative works. With a core-membership comprised of five Brooklyn-based musicians, Polyfold produces concerts, recordings and workshops in an effort to serve the broader experimental art community, celebrating open mindedness, honest expression and human connection.

Thursday, March 12, 7:30pm: I Go Home – Music by Monroe Golden
This Event is Supported by a Grant from New Music USA

I Go Home – Music by Monroe Golden

Approaching the end of a five-year residency in NYC, this concert of overtone-informed music — combining acoustic experimentation, proportional structures, and fanciful handiwork — features some of the musicians Monroe Golden has been privileged to work with during that span.
Compositions on the program explore overtone relationships in an equal-tempered context, natural harmonics of microtonally tuned fundamentals, non-systematic derivations from text, extended Just Intonation, and the juxtaposition of tuning and temperament systems with fixed media and controlled pitch drift.
Performing are:
Edward Forstman (piano)
Jacob Elkin (trombone)
Adam Bowles (piano)
Jay Rodriguez (clarinet/soprano sax)
Ammon Swinbank (flute)
Miolina Duo: Mioi Takeda and Lynn Bechtold (violins) – photo by Mira Nitzberg

* 81 (piano)
* Meander (trombone and live processing)
* Madam I’m Adam (piano)
* I Go Home (fixed media, recorded text by Penny Arnold)
* Liberal Hands and Spirits Free (clarinet and fixed media)
* Incongruity (piano and fixed media)
* 43 Commas (flute, piano, and fixed media)
* If Dogs Have a Heaven (soprano sax and piano)
* Winona’s Lesson (violin duo)

Saturday, March 28, 8pm: Hocket

Alastair Wright, Saxophones
Dylan Ward, Saxophones

Join us for a night of music at Scholes Street Studio! Dionysus will present “Hocket”, a program consisting of contemporary American music for saxophone duo.

“Hocket” refers to a musical technique originating in the European medieval period, where a single melody is divided between two or more voices and one voice sounds while the other voice rests. This specific technique has seen a resurgence in contemporary American music of the 20th-21st century, particularly in the minimalist and post-minimalist styles. This project seeks to present works by living American composers who incorporate this technique in their work. Music by Augusta Read Thomas, Meredith Monk, Kirsten Broberg, Ken Thomson, David Biedenbender, Lei Liang and Marc Mellits.