An Interview with Pamela Z 

Source: WoNoMute.

I have a life-long history of being involved in music making. As a child I was making sound with objects and was singing. I also played the viola and guitar during elementary school in orchestras and singing in choirs. As a singer and songwriter during my teenage years I had training in classical voice on the side. My music teacher spotted people who she thought had some kind of talent and she would work with us. Then I went to the music school and studied voice at the University of Colorado and got my music degree there. All the while I was singing classical opera arias by day and at night I was playing in clubs more rock, folk rock and later also punk. But I would say the point in which I really found my voice as an artist was in the early 1980s when I started playing with digital delays to process my voice. I just learned an entire new way of listening, thinking and organizing sound. My composing started to focus on layers of sound and repetition, texture and timbre. Those elements became as important as melody, harmony and rhythm. From there it went on.