Diatribe at New Music Dublin February 27 – March 1

Source: New Music Dublin.

In partnership with New Music Dublin 2020, Diatribe Records is proudly curating a stage with exclusive live festival performances for our seven exceptional new releases.

For the opening night, the launch of what we believe may well be the definitive recording of Morton Feldman’s ‘For John Cage’ by two of the world’s leading interpreters of his music – Darragh Morgan and John Tilbury.

Friday night brings us Lina Andonovska’s electric late-night launch of ‘A Way A Lone A Last’, griddle-hot new music for flute and percussion featuring Matthew Jacobson and Claire Chase, who the New York Times describes as “the most important flutist of our time”.

In musical meditation, Saturday afternoon sees an exploration of the work of Samuel Beckett by the hallowed Maya Homburger, Barry Guy and Benjamin Dwyer featuring actor Mark D’Aughton in a work named after the Nobel laureate’s final poem – ‘What is the Word’.

Saturday night brings an unleashing of new cutting-edge improvised music with a triple-bill of artists from Ireland, France and the UK featuring BABs, ReDiviDeR and Guillaume Orti / Stéphane Payen.

The series culminates on Sunday with the unveiling of pianist and composer Xenia Pestova Bennett’s exquisite limited-edition vinyl Atomic Legacies for Piano and String Quartet, featuring the world-renowned Ligeti Quartet.