An Evening with Angélica Negrón in NY

Source: BAE.

General Admission: Starting at $22
Saturday, March 14th, 8:00 pm
Pregones/PRTT, 575 Walton Avenue, Bronx, NY 10451

Groundbreaking composer Angélica Negrón joins Bronx Arts Ensemble’s string quartet for all-new arrangements of her work for strings and live electronics. The evening will include a full cross-section of her compositions, from the live electronic set, to the pieces for strings, to her body of work for piano, including a piece written for Emily Manzo and performed by Emily Manzo. Also featuring works that have inspired her, from Ginastera to Stravinsky.

Angélica Negrón, composer and live electronics
Emily Manzo, piano

Jorge Ávila, violin
Evelyn Petcher, violin
Sally Shumway, viola
Eliana Mendoza, cello


“Sueño recurrente No. 1: veo carros fantasmas” for solo piano by Angélica Negrón
“In a Landscape” for solo piano by John Cage

“Tres insultos para dos violines” by Angélica Negrón
“Three Pieces for String Quartet” by Igor Stravinsky
String Quartet No. 1, Movement No. 1 by Alberto Ginastera
“Triste Silencio Programático” for string quartet by Angélica Negrón

~ Intermission ~

“the place we are” for keyboard and electronics by Angélica Negrón *written for Emily Manzo*
“The Peculiar Purple Pie-man of Porcupine Peak” for piano and pre-recorded electronics by Angélica Negrón
“La intervención” for solo piano by Angélica Negrón

“Bubblegum grass/peppermint field” for string quartet & pre-recorded electronics by Angélica Negrón
“Summa” by Arvo Pärt

“Sembrar” with the full ensemble and Negrón on voice and live electronics