Umlaut Festival Coming to Paris

Source: Umlaut Records.

Doors open: 7:30 p.m. / Beginning of concerts: 8 p.m.
Online ticketing :

Lavoir Moderne Parisien
35 rue Léon, 75018 Paris
Catering and bar on site as soon as the doors open.

Pierre-Antoine Badaroux (saxophone), Joel Grip (double bass), Antonin Gerbal (drums)
The Peeping Tom trio brings together some of the most active musicians on the European scene today. What had started in 2007 in the basements of a Parisian cellar has been transformed into an extremely precise musical language which dissects the remains of be-bop in the present time. It is not a question of saying something new about the word jazz but rather of using the name “jazz” as a transitive verb. The result of this work is multilingual music with unpredictable bifurcations and scrambled landmarks, music in renewed tension and with loose soil.

Amaryllis Billet (violin, voice), Léonore Grollemund (cello, voice)
Voice songs, cello violin, various effects and rusty devices – compositions and improvisations, French English words and yogurt, between East, West, fuzzy sound and traditional memories, large-scale technological detour, good general level. We can probably go underground or talk to aliens.

Pierre-Antoine Badaroux (keyboards), Pierre Borel (saxophone), Louis Laurain (trumpet), Joel Grip (cello), Sebastien Beliah (electric bass), Antonin Gerbal (drums)
In 2008, Pierre-Antoine Badaroux superimposed the improvised tracks on his digital synthesizer, to make the orchestral and unpredictable dimension of Ornette Coleman’s music. In 2020, he joined musicians haunted by the music of the American saxophonist, exploring the possible sound, thematic and interactional memories of ageless music.

Karl Naegelen (composition), Amaryllis Billet (violin), Anna Jalving (violin), Fanny Paccoud (viola), Sarah Ledoux (cello), Joris Rühl (clarinet)
The Layers pieces a creation bringing together the Umlaut quartet, the clarinetist Joris Rühl and the composer Karl Naegelen. Karl Naegelen and Joris Rühl began a long collaboration of more than 10 years, through remarkable projects such as Fenêtre ovale, and more recently, a concerto for clarinet created in June 2019 with ONCEIM. This new creation, Calques, is thought of as a sort of extension of the concerto, built around a zoom ratio between the clarinet part and the quartet. As if the quartet was trying to recreate the sound of the clarinet “real”, a veritable sound “model”, and in particular of multiphonics evolving slowly thanks to the continuous breathing technique. This creation was born from the impetus of the birth of the Umlaut quartet, mixing musicians from France and Denmark.

Eve Risser (piano), Yuko Oshima (percussion)
The Donkey Monkey, surreal animal with 12 tentacles that plays jazz, pop and contemporary music with a windmill, boogie-woogie version. This duo draws a mustache in ink on the face of international creative music. Yuko Oshima, from the vibrant Japanese rock scene, and Eve Risser, with her pianist fingers exploring the depths of jazz and contemporary music, found themselves to give birth to this creature: the Donkey Monkey, new animal of the European jungle .

Louis Laurain (cornet), Sebastien Beliah (double bass), Hannes Lingens (drums)
The music of the Franco-German trio Musæum Clausum is a constant flow with small variations in speed and intensity, without beginning or end. In this music, each musician freely and independently traces a path in the development of his ideas and reveals the elements of a general framework which moves slowly and patiently to sometimes reach a high level of complexity.

Bianca Ianuzzi (voice), Eve Risser (piano), Luc Ex (electro-acoustic bass), Francesco Pastacaldi (drums)
It is difficult to write words before the notes but the first few sounds have been emitted and a nice paste is produced, structured like a house made by Buster Keaton with lots of possible springs and songs in four pieces.