Areté Venue & Gallery in March

Source: New York’s Areté Venue & Gallery.

“Multimedia Matchmaking”
Animated shorts with live scores
Sunday, 3/15/20, 4-6:00 pm
An experiment in matchmaking for visual artists and musicians. Animated shorts by visual artists are paired with new scorings by local classical and experimental musicians. The films selected represent a broad range of voices and techniques. Dianne Bellino’s stop-motion fairytale The Itching centers around anxiety, vulnerability, and imperfection, telling the story of a shy, introverted wolf trying to find her place in the world. David Delafuente’s uuuuuu explores the thoughts that run through his mind at 3AM with mesmerizing black and white, hand drawn lines. Artists featured include Dianne Bellino, David Delafuante, Case Jernigan, Ana Perez Lopez, and Dana Sink. Musicians performing include Dorothy Chan, Melinda Faylor, Geoff Gersch, Hajnal Pivnick, Kathleen Supove, Juan Trujillo, Dorian Wallace, and Lucy Yao. The films selected have been curated by artist Fay Ku.

Piano+ #20
Den Haag Tribute 2.0, piano+visuals
Sunday 3/15/20, 7:30pm-doors, 8pm-music
New works by Maya Verlaak, Grzegorz Marciniak and Assaf Gidron performed by Rachel Mangold and Teodora Stepančić Maya, Grzegorz, Assaf and Teodora met at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague (Netherlands). They spent time together and made music in the vibrant, international community of musicians and artists, organized concerts, formed ensembles, and never lost touch with each other.
Piano+ is a concert series dedicated to new and recent music for piano with other instruments and media, inviting composers, performers and audiences into an intimate listening experience, a space for sharing sounds, ideas and music, for open minds and ears. Curated by composer and pianist Teodora Stepančić. Piano+ is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).
$15 at the door

“Lippis” Double Night
Wednesday, 3/18/20, 8:00 pm
Haruyuki Suzuki (computer/electronics) Shoko Nagai( piano) Hans Tammen (Buchla) Satoshi Takeishi (Percussions/ electronics) Always surprising and unique NY improviser, Shoko Nagai and an electronics artist based in Tokyo, Hiroyuki Suzuki will have their collaboration concert in New York. Nagai’s free and organic manipulation of her piano with electronics and Suzuki’s Noise/Musique Concrete will fuse and collide into audio expression between tangible and abstract audio world. Share the night with another incredible improvisers Hans Tammen and Satoshi Takeishi. Not to be missed!
$15 at the door

Words and Music
Thursday, 3/19/20, 7:00-8:30 pm
Often in the composition of music and words, the lines between both intertwine – in the way a lyric is sung, in the constant melodic gestures present within everyday speech. Here, there will be performances involving words, sounds, and improvisation within both: featuring Kelly Quigley (NYC), Myronn Hardy (NYC), and Both of Us (Boston).
Kelly Quigley Myronn Hardy Both of Us
$15 at the door

Michaël Attias / Sebastien Ammann Duo
Friday, 3/20/20, 9:00 pm
Sebastien Ammann and Michaël Attias have been playing together for almost a decade. Their compositions and improvisations are vessels that enable them to embark on a journey that takes the listener to new, yet familiar places. The music they create is rooted in improvised music, jazz and classical music and blurs the lines between composition and improvisation.
$15 at the door

Treesearch Album Release Concert
Sunday, 3/22/20, 2:00 pm
Treesearch (Kyle Motl and Keir GoGwilt) present a concert celebrating the release of their debut album, Know More Knowledge – a brand new work of soulful, virtuosic, and uniquely idiomatic music played across eight strings and a couple of trees. This album is the product of years of listening, rehearsing, and performing together in San Diego. Their music combines traditional and explorative approaches to string-playing, with composed materials anchoring improvisatory fantasies. Their practice as improvisers is rooted historically but firmly of the present, drawing from jazz, avant-jazz, baroque, classical, and contemporary music. “[I]ts own brand of in-the-moment invention, mingling rich tones, rhapsodic gestures, and companionable jousts” (The New Yorker).
$10 at the door

Latitude 49: “Wax and Wire” album release
Tuesday, 3/24/20, 7:00 pm
Latitude 49 celebrates the release of their sophomore album, Wax and Wire! Join Latitude 49 as they play selections from their sophomore album, Wax and Wire. This dynamic collection takes the listener on a genre-bending journey, careening wildly from the visceral to the sublime. From the psychedelic pulsations of Gabriella Smith’s “Number Nine” (an homage to the Beatles’ “Revolution 9”) flows Viet Cuong’s whimsical showpiece “Wax and Wire,” establishing the record’s charisma and variety right away. Ruminant works by Annika Socolofsky and Chris Sies direct us inward: Socolofsky’s “a sense of who” challenges us to consider ourselves in light of the communities we inhabit, while “these (were) used to harm” by Latitude 49’s own Chris Sies employs effects inspired by specific songs that have been used as means of torture against a sometimes thrashing chambercore background. Two works by Sarah Kirkland Snider provide the record’s most intimate moments, with the swirling trio “Thread and Fray” unfurling tightly-knit textures while the cleansing, haunting, but ultimately hopeful “You Are Free” closes out the record in a state of utter contemplation.

Trystero performs “Perfect Lives” for Robert Ashley’s 90th Birthday
Saturday, 3/28/20, 8:00 pm
Commemorating the 90th birthday of Robert Ashley: Trystero performs Perfect Lives and an arrangement of Tap Dancing in the Sand with guest artist Paul Pinto. Originally with special permission from composer Robert Ashley, comes a new version of Perfect Lives – The Park and The Backyard by Trystero, the avant-duo of composer-performers David Kulma and Dorian Wallace. This made-for-television opera has in recent years has experienced a renaissance of new interpretations, notably Vidas Perfectas and Varispeed’s Perfect Lives Manhattan. In this reimagining, Trystero augments their duo with fellow musicians from Tenth Intervention. Trystero has performed Perfect Lives over the past eight years in the Midwest and NYC.
Tickets $20/$15 student $15 tickets in advance