Appetite For Deconstruction No.1 in Toronto

Source: Mike Barber.

APPETITE FOR DECONSTRUCTION is a limited series curated by experimental artist Mike Barber. Join us for an evening of improvised experimental music. Each evening is divided in two parts—guest artists will perform their sets which will be sampled and used as the raw materials for Barber’s closing set. The audience will first experience the original source performances unfold live, then an improvised deconstruction of them immediately after.

The first evening of the series will be Jakob Rehlinger, Autotectonic, and Mike Barber.


Jakob Rehlinger is a kosmische music composer and improviser living in Etobicoke, Ontario. As well as working under his own name, he has recorded using the monikers BABEL, Moonwood, Heavy Moon, King Pong Dub System and TRANZMIT.

Cayce Fischer is a queer artist based in Toronto, making experimental music under the moniker AUTOTECTONIC. A self-taught synthesist, Cayce makes music to process, heal, and to build intimacy and share space with others.