The Best Jazz on Bandcamp: January 2020 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Asserted: 2019 was the best year ever in jazz. Old-school fans will justifiably champion the glory that was 1959, purists will make a credible case there’s a huge gap between “the sound of jazz” and “the sound of today,” and pragmatists will caution it’s far too soon to be making definitive proclamations of greatness. But the accumulation of all those words pales in comparison to the statement made by the music itself. Last year in jazz was one of unparalleled innovation and imagination—there were new sounds that looked to the future; albums that re-envisioned music past; and artists who simply celebrated what jazz always was. In the aftermath, there may be some apprehension that 2020 can only be a letdown by comparison. But based on its first month alone, it stands to reason that 2020 will be even stronger.