Daevid Allen’s Absurdist Rock 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

In 1966, the late Australian guitarist Daevid Allen co-founded the jazz-influenced, psych-rock group Soft Machine. As psych rock gave way to prog a few years later, Soft Machine, along with other experimental bands like Caravan and Egg, became representatives for “the Canterbury scene,” named after the town of Canterbury, Kent where the bands were based.

Allen would go on to co-found the Soft Machine offshoot band, Gong, whose lighthearted, comedic psych/prog-rock was full of complex changes, unorthodox rhythms, and its own oddball internal mythology. Throughout the 1970’s, Allen (both with Gong and as a solo artist) was responsible for some of the most inventive rock music of the day. His discography reflects the work of a restless, creative musician broadcasting fresh sounds from the farthest reaches of the imagination. Allen passed away from cancer in March of 2015, leaving behind one of rock history’s most challenging bodies of work. We’ve assembled a list of some of the highlights.