Midira Records New Releases

Source: Midira Records.

“Matter” is a massive drone piece divided into 6 tracks with different kind of culminations made of field recordings, massive soundwalls, deep baselines or other elements, that appear unreckoned. Just to say it simple: “Matter” matters. The tapes are frosted white and the sleeves come with a very detailed cover artwork.

N (83) “OSTWALL”
“Ostwall” is a one track EP that features a 25minutes piece recorded in a museum. N played a slowly changing loop that got recorded while the audience moved through the museum. It´s a kind of field recording drone. The white tapes come with an onbody print featuring all the credits and the o-card sleeves come with a cover design by N.

“Frozen Archimia” is an album that focusses on the relationship between architecture and music. Pisani worked out 6 fragile electronic tracks with minimal beats and very gentle soundscapes. A beautiful work for calm listening. The artwork comes in black and white and the tape comes in pure white.