The 10 Most Groundbreaking Avant-Garde Albums of All Time

Source: Happymag. If asked to list my top ten groundbreaking albums 25 times I would probably come up with 25 different lists. Still, this one is not bad.

Let’s be honest, avant-garde is not for everyone. The listening experience is oft-times complex, strange, and explicitly challenging… but an experience it is! The most impressive experimental albums will leave the adventurous listener with a lasting impression, an imprint on their psyche and if you’re lucky, a profound alteration.

Moreso, many avant-garde artists are rattling the concept of music as an art form, leading to some groundbreaking leaps forward. The term itself derives from French diction and translates to ‘fore-guard’ or ‘vanguard’. Hence, these artists assume a militaristic stance against conformity and convention, bravely attacking the status-quo to mould traces of new possibilities.

I welcome all thee tired of familiarity, replayability, or just downright good hooks. These are the 10 most groundbreaking avant-garde albums of all time.