Tri-Centric Foundation / Anthony Braxton Update

Source: Tri-Centric Foundation.

Braxton75 year is off to a spectacular start, with the Anthony Braxton Standard Quartet delighting sold-out crowds in UK and Europe. Pianist Alexander Hawkins speaks about the inner workings of the quartet in this insightful interview on NTS radio, now streaming. We have links to photos of the Standard Quartet on our Facebook and Twitter.

Stateside, Anthony Braxton has just been named a 2020 USA Fellow by United States Artists. And there are bountiful Braxton75 events coming up, starting with two performances on the West Coast.

On February 1, our own Chris Jonas (Tri-Centric board vice president and one of the conductors of the Berlin Sonic Genome) will be guest conducting the “The duo. B. Experimental Band plays Anthony Braxton” event at the Temescal Arts Center in Oakland. Chris will once again be performing Braxton works on February 16, this time at BAMPFA, leading the AB West 8+1 ensemble, with Del Sol String Quartet and Goggle Sax Quartet, through Composition No. 18 (for string quartet), Composition No. 37 (for saxophone quartet), Composition No. 265, and more.

In March, the Prague Improvisation Orchestra is scheduled to perform Braxton works, and Experiments In Opera will be presenting the very special Anthony Braxton Theater Improvisations. Anthony himself will be at the Big Ears Festival for a three-day performance: solo, Diamond Curtain Wall Music Trio and Thunder Music Ensemble world premiere. Tri-Centric executive director Kyoko Kitamura will once again be coaching youth orchestras through Braxton compositions for performances in May and June. For full schedule, please visit the Braxton75 page on our website.

One of the venues Anthony played with his quartet was Cafe OTO which has a music download shop. Currently offered is the spectacular Composition No. 247 from Leo Records performed by Anthony Braxton, James Fei and Matthew Welch. If you are not familiar with this work, do visit the page and listen to the 20- minute (!!) audio sample. Matt will be part of the Braxton75 events in May, and we hear that he may be pulling material from his amazing Anthony Braxton: 10 Solo Bagpipe Compositions 2000 album.

We are steadily moving forward with The Tri-Axium Writings and the next box set Duo (Improv) 2017 by Anthony Braxton with Eugene Chadbourne. We are very much committed to protecting, preserving and disseminating Anthony Braxton’s work, the effort spearheaded by Tri-Centric director of publishing Carl Testa. Once again, thank you so much for helping us continue our work. We will keep you posted every step of the way.