RIP Sean Reinert 


Sean Reinert, longtime drummer for progressive/technical metal pioneers CYNIC, has died. He was apparently found unresponsive at his California home Friday night (January 24). No cause of death has yet been revealed. He was only 48 years old. Reinert was a founding member of CYNIC, along with guitarist/vocalist Paul Masvidal, and he remained in the group until September 2015.

Cynic and Death (another group Reinert drummed for) were a group of bands that revitalized heavy metal for a short period of time in the early- to mid-nineties. I saw Reinert with Cynic at a Berkeley, CA show in 1994. Prior to the performance, he was playing soccer outside the venue.

I lost track of him and the genre in general after that, but remained a casual fan and always thought that Cynic was 80’s King Crimson taken to a logical extreme. If you like what goes on with John Zorn’s Simulacrum, there is a fairly straight line between Reinert’s works 25+ years ago and that. RIP.