REDCAT’s Winter / Spring Schedule

Source: LA’s REDCAT.

Feb 01
Al Di Là: An Evening of Sound Works by Simone Forti
Renowned dancer, choreographer, artist, and writer Simone Forti presents an evening of works with a central element of sound.

Feb 08
Jacqueline Bobak: Dada Divas
Dada Divas, composed by singer Jacqueline Bobak, unearths and celebrates the works and lives of the Dada movement’s historically neglected female pioneers: Emmy Hennings, Mina Loy, Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, and others.

Feb 28
Tim Feeney: Two Fables
Improviser, composer, and percussionist Tim Feeney works with deceptively simple materials, both physical and sonic.

Mar 06
Ghost Ensemble: Arctic Air
Ghost Ensemble is dedicated to new musical perspectives that explore the act of listening.

May 09
Ensemble IRE: Nexus Entropy
Ulrich Krieger’s Nexus Entropy explores a variety of compositional systems with various degrees of uncertainty through a variety of organizational models.

May 26
James Rushford: Prey Calling / Daniel Corral: Concerto for Having Fun with Elvis on Stage
James Rushford begins this double bill with Prey Calling. Then, composer Daniel Corral joins performer Alexander Gedeon and the Now Hear Ensemble for the premiere of Concerto for Having Fun with Elvis on Stage.

May 29 to May 30
The Grammy Award winning PARTCH Ensemble begins their REDCAT return with brand- new works for Partch instruments by Richard Gibbs, Anne LeBaron, Ulrich Krieger, Daniel Rothman, John Schneider, T.J. Troy, and Alex Wand.

Jun 05 to Jun 06
Dohee Lee: MU/巫: 9 Goddesses
Goddesses, is a new ritual theater shamanic experience where ancestral traditions are transmuted through dance, singing, drumming, and electronic soundscapes, with immersive video and stage design, and community participation.