John Cage Concert for Piano and Orchestra Book, CD, Apps


The project’s outputs and activities include a major book publication, John Cage’s Concert for Piano and Orchestra (Oxford University Press, May 2020), performances and a CD recording, and an international conference, in addition to numerous conference presentations and several associated publications. Finally, a significant core output is this website, which, in addition to providing a record of the project as a whole, presents a series of documentary films made with musicians from Apartment House about performing the Concert, and two apps: the Solo for Piano app, which allows users to interact with notations from the piano part to create their own notated realisations; and the Concert Player app, with which users can combine sound recordings of the individual solos in various ways to produce variable aural versions of the piece. The website is thus intended to be a rich resource that enables users to better understand the techniques and processes explored by Cage in this remarkable work.