Barry Guy at the London Jazz Festival Reviewed

Source: Jazz Journal.

The Purcell Room hosted the UK première of Barry Guy’s The Blue Shroud, released on Intakt Records – a really substantial work for 14-piece ensemble, forming a tribute to Picasso’s great anti-war painting from the Spanish Civil War, Guernica. The composition was CD length at around 77 minutes, with the poem Symbols Of Guernica by Irish poet Kerry Hardie providing the structure – she read it at the start of the London performance, while the painting was projected onto the back of the stage.

The pan-European ensemble featured violinist Maya Homburger, Greek vocalist Savina Yannatou, Spanish pianist Agustí Fernandez, Irish guitarist and composer Benjamin Dwyer and Swedish saxophonist Per “Texas” Johansson. Other members were Fanny Paccoud (viola), Percy Pursglove (trumpet), Michael Niesemann (alto sax/oboe), Torben Snekkestad (soprano/tenor), Julius Gabriel (baritone/soprano), Marc Unternährer (tuba), Ramón López and Lucas Niggli (percussion). Guy directed, and played bass.