San Francisco Scene: November 8-15, 2019

Source: Bay Improviser.

Friday, November 8

Fri 11/08 7:30 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]
Armed with a battery of consumer-grade electronics and an unwholesome passion for sci-fi and AM radio, audio plunderer Joseph Hammer assembles found sound detritus into a palace of labyrinthine referents. Kaori Suzuki rewards endurance with transcendence in a set featuring modified melodica and oscillators.

Fri 11/08 8:00 PM SAFEhouse Arts [145 Eddy St. SF]
Big Drama, No Drama, DunkelpeK & Never Weather

Fri 11/08 8:00 PM Private Home [Private home in North Berkeley Hills.]
Tenor player Travis Laplante performs a solo concert in the intimacy of a private home in the North Berkeley Hills. Travis will perform 2 sets, with wine and cheese served during intermission. Seating is limited.

Saturday, November 9

Sat 11/09 3:00 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]
Left Coast Chamber Ensemble

Sunday, November 10
Sun 11/10 8:00 PM Pro Arts [150 Frank H Ogawa Plz Oakland]
liminal zone of total art and perpetual weirdness :: existential and ecstatic free drone music

Monday, November 11

Mon 11/11 7:30 PM Tom’s Place [3111 Deakin Street Berkeley]
On Monday, November 11 at 7:30pm, Tom’s Place presents
Dunkelman/fluke-mogul/Frith Trio
Nava Dunkelman (perc)
gabby fluke-mogul (vln)
Fred Frith (gtr)

Tuesday, November 12

Tue 11/12 8:00 PM The Laundry SF [3359 26th St SF]
Resident is a monthly electronic audiovisual open mic event started in 2017. It is held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at The Laundry. The Laundry event space is casual and cool, and the community you’ll find is like no other for aspiring electronic musicians in Bay. No judgments, no bullshit, just positive support and openness to new ideas.

Tue 11/12 9:00 PM Uptown Nightclub [1928 Telegraph Ave Oakland]
Active Music Series presents:
– Beam Splitter with Kyle Bruckmann & Jacob Felix Heule
– Chandler/Korber/Weeks
– Junior Mint Prince

Thursday, November 14
Thu 11/14 7:00 PM Gray Area Art And Technology [2665 Mission St. SF]
Recombinant Festival

Thu 11/14 7:30 PM CCRMA [660 Lomita Dr, Stanford, CA 94305]
CCRMA presents Ellen Phan and Nisa Karnsomport
This collaborative audiovisual performance by sound experimentalist Ellen Phan and video artist Nisa Karnsomport will feature live manipulation of sounds and moving images.

Thu 11/14 8:00 PM Luggage Store Creative Music Series [1007 Market Street SF]
Beam Splitter
duo for amplified voice, trombone and analog electronics
Ghost In The House
Davd Michalak – electric harp, box of junk
Tom Nunn – Crustacean, Lukie Tubes
Cindy Webster – saw
John Ingle – baritone saxophone

Thu 11/14 8:00 PM Peacock Lounge [552 Haight Street San Francisco, CA]
The Human De-Selection and Realization Nature Group
Anthony A. Russell and Michael Goldwater are tone scientists of the widest order, never guiding but always leading your ears far far astray. Go there. After all, freedom is best experienced in its most negative form… “freedom from”.
Shatter Pattern
Through sound, dance, costumed computation and visualization, Julia Litman-Cleper blazes spidering trails across fragile shells, divining ways down to survivable desire, to the bathy froth of time that predates vision. Worlds await along brachia, in the cold inhale, where shatter precedes pattern, inside the Peacock Lounge.
Gustavo Pastre
Salvage reanimator, Pastre’s gear is all of custom design and handmade. So it’s tough to guess just how you’re hearing the layered sonic planes you’ll hear. His very hands seem to vanish, reaching out to buttons and potentiometers that aren’t there but in his mind. There phantom fingers find still smaller circuits working their impossibilities.
Foot SOS
Mysterious triad of Foot SOS: Theresa Currie (Szamanka), Dianne Lynn (Nurse Betty/Homoglochini) and Angela Roberts (Cruel Work, editor of the zine Supertrooper) weaving destiny from electrons for any who dare to hear.

Friday, November 15
Fri 11/15 7:30 PM Gray Area Art And Technology [2665 Mission St. SF]
Recombinant Festival