Braxton 75 Event at Mills College

Source: Mills Performing Arts.

Saturday, November 16, 2019, 8 – 10:30pm PST
Jeannik Méquet Littlefield Concert Hall, Music Building
Mills Performing Group – Braxton 75th
The Mills College Music Department and the Center for Contemporary Music present


Composition No. 1 for solo piano
Brett Carson, piano

Composition No. 63 for chamber orchestra
Ben Goldberg: clarinet (soloist 1), Andy Strain: trombone (soloist 2), Tod Brody: flute, Mitch Stahlmann: flute, Glenda Bates: oboe, Sophie Huet: clarinet, Karla Ekholm: bassoon, Hall Goff: trombone, Hrabba Atladottir: violin, Kate Stenberg: violin, Ellen Ruth Rose: viola, Crystal Pascucci: cello, Richard Worn: contrabass, Jennifer Ellis: harp, William Winant: percussion, Scott Siler: percussion, Steed Cowart: conductor

Composition No. 247
Kyle Bruckmann: oboe, James Fei: saxophone, Matt Welch: bagpipes

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