Chimiak and Zook Duo in Arlington, VA on November 13

On November 13, the Chimiak and Zook duo will appear as featured artists at Arlington’s Rhodeside Grill; their set starts at approximately 10pm, following a series of informal open mic performers beginning at 7pm.  The Rhodeside Grill is located at 1836 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201.  The Chimiak and Zook duo is comprised of Emily Chimiak on vocals and violin, accompanied by Ted Zook on nylon-string guitar.  The duo performs some of Emily Chimiak’s French great-grandmother’s poetic musings set to song, in French, as well as other, more contemporaneous original works.  Examples of the duo’s music:  “La Cendre” was nominated for “Best Music Video” in the 2015 NOVA International Film Festival; the duo’s audio recording of this tune was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Songwriters’ Association of Washington’s 32nd Mid-Atlantic Song Contest.  “Giboulée” was an Official Selection for the 2016 NOVA International Film & Music Festival.

Open mic night is free! All ages til 10:00pm then 21+ after 10:00pm.  For more information please visit and