Tim Daisy and Dave Rempis on Performing in Columbia, SC

Source: postandcourier.com.

Nearly two decades later, Columbia has become an unlikely mecca for world-class free jazz. Daisy and Rempis, who remain critical loci in the Chicago experimental music scene, have, with Taylor’s help, been a conduit for many players who’ve made Columbia a regular touring stop — musicians such as Fred Lonberg-Holm, a member of Daisy’s Vox Arcana, and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and Frank Rosaly, members of the Rempis Percussion Quartet. That quartet, which also features Daisy, is particularly connected to Columbia: Its third release, Hunter-Gatherers, was recorded at the Main Street brewpub in 2006. One of its cuts, split in two, is called “A Night at the Ranch”; the Ranch is what musicians call Taylor’s house.