Upcoming Nate Wooley Performances

Source: Nate Wooley.

November 14
Annea Lockwood Composer Portrait
Miller Theater
This is a long overdue overview of the great Annea Lockwood’s work at Columbia University’s Miller Theater. I will be performing Becoming Air, a piece that she and I collaborated on that was premiered at 2018’s FOR/WITH FESTIVAL. Yarn/Wire will host the proceedings and will premiere a work that they have made with Annea as well. If you haven’t seen her work live, I can’t recommend it highly enough!

November 15-16
Issue Project Room
The third iteration of the FOR/WITH FESTIVAL and, luckily for me, the third hosted by the wonderful folks at Issue Project Room. I will premiere Sarah Hennies’s Monologue and Eva Maria Houben’s chanting ballads for solo trumpet as well as a new work by Ryoko Akama for ensemble commissioned to commemorate the founder of IPR, Suzanne Fiol. Solo and ensemble works by Katherine Young, Eva Maria Houben, and Sarah Hennies will also be performed and will feature Weston Olencki, Mariel Roberts, Lea Bertucci, Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste, Russell Greenberg, and Sara Schoenbeck!

November 23
Blank Forms St. Peter’s Church Chelsea
After a long hiatus, Seven Storey Mountain is back. This is the penultimate part of the song cycle, now over a decade in the making. Since SSM2, all of the premieres have been supported by Lawrence Kumpf and so I’m pleased to have Blank Forms supporting this, the largest SSM to date, performed by a 32 person ensemble featuring superduperstars like C. Spencer Yeh, Chris Corsano, Samara Lubelski, Ben Hall, Ryan Sawyer, Susan Alcorn, Ava Mendoza, Emily Manzo, Julien Desprez, Isabelle O’Connell, and a choir directed by Megan Schubert and featuring (takes a deep breath) Melissa Hughes, Kamala Sankaram, Anne Rhodes, Charlotte Mundy, Bridget Hogan, Daisy Press, Anaïs Maveiel, Christina Kay, Shannyn Rinker, Aubrey Johnson, Gelsey Bell, Yoon Sun Choi, Lisa Karrer, Dafna Naphtali, Amirtha Kidambi, Jasmine Wilson, Samita Sinha, Ariadne Greif, Nina Mutlu, and Erica Koehring!