AMN Reviews: Renaud Bajeux – Magnetic Voices From The Unseen [NAHAL007]

NAHAL_07_12inch_V3.indd“Magnetic Voices From The Unseen” is the first album from Renaud Bajeux. It is available as an LP or as a digital download. The digital edition contains an additional live track. Renaud Bajeux is a sound engineer and cinema sound designer based in Paris. Bajeux has been regularly collaborating with the INA-GRM for the last ten years and has a GRM commission receiving its world premiere at the GRM’s Akousma Festival in Paris this week.

For “Magnetic Voices From The Unseen” Bajeux primarily works with sound material he discovered in the magnetic fields of various electronic devices. Armed with magnetic coils he explores the sounds of things found on most people’s desks like hard drives, computers, cell phones and monitor screens. While the sound sources may be novel, it is Bajeux’s imaginative way of transforming these sounds into a series of noise-laden soundscapes that makes this debut album so interesting.


The four pieces on this album have a cinematic feel, filled with subtle to surprising developments as they progress. Bajeux’s compositions straddle elements like noise, harmonicity, glitch, experimental, electronics, minimalism, and ambient sound without ever really succumbing to any of those elements in terms of overall style.  “Magnetic Voices From The Unseen” is a wonderful debut album!

Chris De Chiara

The New York New Music Ensemble Announces its 2019-20 Season

Source: NYNME.

OCTOBER 21, 2019 | 6:30pm & 8:30pm
Guest Artists: Doori Na, violin; Adrián Sandi, clarinet; James Baker, conductor
Mario Davidovsky’s Synchronisms No.3 for Cello and Electronic Sound is part of a series of twelve musical compositions for solo or ensemble live instruments and pre-recorded tape composed by Mr. Davidovsky at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, the first dating from 1963. Davidovsky explains that, “One of the central ideas of these pieces is the search to find ways of embedding both the acoustic and the electronic into a single, coherent musical and aesthetic space.”
Flight Patterns by Adam Roberts is a seven-minute piece for flute, percussion, piano, violin and cello, commissioned and premiered by MIAM Modern Music Ensemble. This work is in two parts, and Roberts explains “the two halves begin in similar ways, with delicate material that coalesces into firmer gestures, though each half follows its own trajectory. The second half is not a variation of the first, per se; rather, the piece is like a day lived twice, with similar conditions, but different choices and outcomes. The piece is about both narrative and texture, and plays with different qualities of touch as the story unfolds.” Unsung Chordata by Melinda Wagner is scored for flute (piccolo), B♭ clarinet (B♭ bass clarinet), violin, cello, percussion and piano. Wagner drew inspiration from a video of an industrious little pufferfish and his sand artistry. Working 24 hours a day, he carves out a beautiful medallion of swirls and ridges, in the hope of attracting a sweetheart. Wagner has written, “I was so moved by the careful preparation, determination, patience, and artistry of this little fish, who has no guarantees of finding true love. The phenomenon reminded me very much of the act of composing – of creating something out of nothing, with few guarantees.” Sean Shepherd’s Lumens for flute/piccolo, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin and cello is broken into three excerpts: #1 Oppressive, Joyous Bells; #2 Mercurial, and #3 Benediction. For the composer, this piece is about gratitude: “as I see it, gratitude doesn’t have to be sentimental or saccharine, or even an outward expression. And much music has been borne of angst, pain and fear. But, as we find our place in the world, one can’t help but admire a beautiful random framework—events, people, places —that never fails to aid us in our journey but can never be controlled nor predicted.

Monday, March 16, 2020 | Hidden Motives | 6:30 & 8:30 PM
NYNME shares music by Georg Friedrich Haas, David Froom, Hannah Lash and Max Grafe.

Monday, May 18, 2020 | Vortex Temporum and Origins | 7:30 PM
Gérard Grisey’s masterpiece Vortex Temporum will be paired with a solo work by each of the composers to whom Grisley dedicated each movement of this piece: Helmut Lachenmann, Gerard Zinsstag, and Salvatore Sciarrino.

Jen Shyu Interviewed

Source: I Care If You Listen.

Jen Shyu is a multilingual vocalist, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and dancer with a penchant for creating highly theatrical and immersive performances. On October 30, 2019, the premiere of her new work Zero Grasses will take place at National Sawdust as part of John Zorn’s Commissioning Series. Zero Grasses is based on the concept of our loss of ability to communicate with nature—the idea of a world with no grass, flowers, or animals; the barren land we face in climate crisis; and zero connection with other humans despite social media. On the flip side, zero also refers to current movements for zero waste and zero tolerance for harassment. Among her many accolades, Shyu is a 2019 Guggenheim Fellow and a 2019 United States Artist Fellow. Shyu’s work often features a strong narrative component, lighting and set design, and original music performed on an array of instruments. I had the pleasure of seeing her perform another original work entitled Nine Doors at the 2018 Resonant Bodies Festival, and if Zero Grasses is anything like it, there’s a lot to look forward to from this master storyteller.

Freq Reviews

Source: Freq.

Maleem Mahmoud Ghania with Pharoah Sanders – Trance Of Seven Colors

Magma (live at Islington Assembly Hall)

Éliane Radigue – Chry-Ptus

Skarbø Skulekorps – Skarbø Skulekorps

Jo Berger Myhre and Ólafur Björn Ólafsson – Lanzarote

Disrupt – The Recreation Room

FaUSt / Camera / Datashock (live at Studio 9294)

The Utopia Strong – The Utopia Strong

Upcoming Nate Wooley Performances

Source: Nate Wooley.

November 14
Annea Lockwood Composer Portrait
Miller Theater
This is a long overdue overview of the great Annea Lockwood’s work at Columbia University’s Miller Theater. I will be performing Becoming Air, a piece that she and I collaborated on that was premiered at 2018’s FOR/WITH FESTIVAL. Yarn/Wire will host the proceedings and will premiere a work that they have made with Annea as well. If you haven’t seen her work live, I can’t recommend it highly enough!

November 15-16
Issue Project Room
The third iteration of the FOR/WITH FESTIVAL and, luckily for me, the third hosted by the wonderful folks at Issue Project Room. I will premiere Sarah Hennies’s Monologue and Eva Maria Houben’s chanting ballads for solo trumpet as well as a new work by Ryoko Akama for ensemble commissioned to commemorate the founder of IPR, Suzanne Fiol. Solo and ensemble works by Katherine Young, Eva Maria Houben, and Sarah Hennies will also be performed and will feature Weston Olencki, Mariel Roberts, Lea Bertucci, Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste, Russell Greenberg, and Sara Schoenbeck!

November 23
Blank Forms St. Peter’s Church Chelsea
After a long hiatus, Seven Storey Mountain is back. This is the penultimate part of the song cycle, now over a decade in the making. Since SSM2, all of the premieres have been supported by Lawrence Kumpf and so I’m pleased to have Blank Forms supporting this, the largest SSM to date, performed by a 32 person ensemble featuring superduperstars like C. Spencer Yeh, Chris Corsano, Samara Lubelski, Ben Hall, Ryan Sawyer, Susan Alcorn, Ava Mendoza, Emily Manzo, Julien Desprez, Isabelle O’Connell, and a choir directed by Megan Schubert and featuring (takes a deep breath) Melissa Hughes, Kamala Sankaram, Anne Rhodes, Charlotte Mundy, Bridget Hogan, Daisy Press, Anaïs Maveiel, Christina Kay, Shannyn Rinker, Aubrey Johnson, Gelsey Bell, Yoon Sun Choi, Lisa Karrer, Dafna Naphtali, Amirtha Kidambi, Jasmine Wilson, Samita Sinha, Ariadne Greif, Nina Mutlu, and Erica Koehring!

Coming to Roulette

Source: New York’s Roulette.

Tuesday, November 5. 8pm.
Astro-Electronics: Tania Caroline Chen & Ikue Mori with guest Jim Staley
Tania Caroline Chen and Ikue Mori unite for the first time, evoking a dream-like sensation through experimentation with acoustic and electronic layers of sound, with trombonist Jim Staley.

Wednesday, November 6. 8pm.
Joel Harrison Quintet Featuring Sarodist Anupam Shobhakar with Talujon Percussion Quartet: Still Point
Joel Harrison and Anupam Shobhakar fuse jazz music and Indian ragas, exploring the unorthodox connection between the two artists through improvisation.

Tuesday, November 12. 8pm.
Neil Rolnick: Journey’s End
Roulette welcomes electronic and computer music pioneer Neil Rolnick as he presents an evening of deeply personal new work reflecting on the final days of his late wife.