TROST Records New Releases

Source: TROST Records.

Keiji Haino + SUMAC
Out now on : CD / 2LP Ltd edition clear vinyl / Digital
four sprawling tracks of ominous, atmospheric music that ranges from eerily dissonant to noisily disturbing. That it came out of an improvised jam is exciting; that it’s born of Sumac joining forces with one of psychedelic music’s weirder minds is just awesome. Kerrang

THRENODY – Trio of Küchen / Berthling / Noble
Three musicians active in various formations in the improvisation and jazz scene with disctinct vocabularies, now formed a solid trio – intense and intuitive!

Brötzmann /Schlippenbach / Bennink at Lila Eule
new trio recordings in celebration of Machine Gun!

New album from Dirk Serries, Andrew Lisle and Colin Webster. Recorded in one intense live session at the White Noise studio in The Netherlands during a day-off on a European tour.