Jaimie Branch Interviewed About New Album

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

“The concept is music,” says avant-garde jazz trumpeter Jaimie Branch of Fly or Die II: Bird Dogs of Paradise. “It’s not a concept album, like a Rush album or something.”

Yet conceptual trappings hang all over Branch’s second album with her Fly or Die quartet: cellist Lester St. Louis, bassist Jason Ajemian, and drummer Chad Taylor. The ragged, hypnotic opener “Birds of Paradise” is answered with the back-end title track. The main event (“Prayer for Amerikka”) is a two-part, 11-and-a-half-minute blues and political epic, which segues into another track (“Twenty-Three n Me, Jupiter Redux”) by way of an improvised passage from St. Louis.

“I try to write all my music like a suite,” acknowledges Branch in her distinct Chicago twang (she’s now based in Brooklyn). Even so, her newfound ambition on Fly or Die II is unquestionable.