San Francisco Scene: October 11-17, 2019

Source: Bay Improviser.

Friday, October 11

Fri 10/11 6:00 PM Design By Cosmic [115 Cooper St., Santa Cruz CA 95060]
Jon Leidecker: “United Feedback Plus: A Retroactive Manifesto for the Early Decades of American Electronic Music” Artist and scholar Jon Leidecker traces the history of modern artificial intelligence back to the chaotic electronic feedback circuits of early electronic music pioneers. Leidecker traces commonalities in the works of Louis and Bebe Barron (who scored the 1956 film Forbidden Planet), David Tudor, Pauline Oliveros, the members of the Sonic Arts Union (Robert Ashley, Alvin Lucier, David Behrman, and Gordon Mumma), and their European contemporaries Eliane Radigue, Pietro Grossi, Jaap Vink, and Roland Kayn. This event is part of a series of Digital Alchemy Talks at Design By Cosmic, probing the intellectual and ideological histories of art and technology.

Fri 10/11 6:00 PM The Lab [2948 16th St SF]
Terry Fox: A Resonating Chamber

Fri 10/11 8:00 PM Mitchell Park Community Center [3700 Middlefield Road Palo Alto, CA 94303]
Earthwise welcomes creative jazz improvisers and composers Scott Amendola, drums; Trevor Dunn, bass; Phillip Greenlief to Mitchell Park Center El Palo Alto Room. Pianist Motoko Honda

Saturday, October 12

Sat 10/12 4:00 PM San Francisco Public Library, Richmond Branch [351 9th Ave. San Francisco, CA 94118]
A free screening of the Sublime Frequencies documentary “Folk Music of the Sahara: Among the Tuareg of Libya.”

Sat 10/12 7:00 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]
Darius Jones: C4NM Benefit

Sat 10/12 8:00 PM SF Live Arts @ St Cyprian’s Church [2097 Turk St San Francisco]
Rova Saxophone Quartet ( Bruce Ackley, Steve Adams, Larry Ochs, Jon Raskin) returns to the SF Live Arts series for the first time since fall 2017; the concert will feature several premieres, all composed by members of the band.

Sunday, October 13

Sun 10/13 7:30 PM SIMM Series @ The Musicians Union Hall [116 9th St @ Mission SF]
7:30pm Barriga/Keenan bass duo
Rodrigo Barriga – electric bass/Sean Keenan – electric bass
8:30pm Sniff Test
Bethany Schwarz – electronics/Bill Noertker – basses

Sun 10/13 8:00 PM Uptown Nightclub [1928 Telegraph Ave Oakland]
Scott Amendola (drums, electronics), Trevor Dunn (contrabass) and Phillip Greenlief (woodwinds) have a collective and individual history that spans three decades and many continents. While individual players have been active in pairs in numerous ensembles, this is their first set of performances as a trio in nearly 20 years. Their approach to free improvisation is to explore the many genres of music they are known for, which spans rock, metal, funk, jazz, post-classical and film music.

Sun 10/13 8:30 PM The Back Room [1984 Bonita Ave Berkeley]
Rova Saxophone Quartet (Larry Ochs, Jon Raskin, Steve Adams and Bruce Ackley) returns to The Back Room in Berkeley for the first time since fall 2017; the concert will feature several premieres, all composed by members of the band. Love playing here where the audience is welcomed with comfortable couches, cool high chairs in the back and no bad seat in this intimate BYOB venue. Laid back.. but the music won’t be.

Monday, October 14

Mon 10/14 9:00 PM Pro Arts [150 Frank H Ogawa Plz Oakland]
OFJS: ENS EKT Trio & Dan Weiss

Tuesday, October 15

Tue 10/15 7:00 PM Audium Theater [1616 Bush St]
What is a Sound Sculpture?
Do you want to make one?
Learn how Audium’s composers think about and create sound environments.
This time, we’ll be focused on community input for Audium’s new control system. How would YOU create a work here?
Led by Audium’s founder Stan Shaff, composer Dave Shaff, and technical director Paul Barton
Tuesday, October 15th, 7pm
Audium Theater, SF

Tue 10/15 8:00 PM The Back Room [1984 Bonita Ave Berkeley]
Hearts & Minds, Lisa Mezzacappa Tangle Trio

Wednesday, October 16

Wed 10/16 8:00 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]
Ensemble EKT / I Lo U

Thursday, October 17

Thu 10/17 7:00 PM The Contemporary Jewish Museum [736 Mission St SF]
Experiments in Sonic Potential: Theresa Wong

Thu 10/17 7:00 PM SFMOMA [151 3rd St. San Francisco]
Terry Fox: Screening of Timbre and Conversation with Tom Marioni

Thu 10/17 7:30 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]
Friction Quartet with bass clarinetist Bruce Belton: October

Thu 10/17 7:30 PM CCRMA [660 Lomita Dr, Stanford, CA 94305]
CCRMA presents ENS EKT
ENS EKT features the experimental musical inventions of Paul Stapleton (Californian born, Belfast-based) placed in dialogue with the circular breathed multiphonics and harmonic textures and the resonant gestural and spectrally focused playing of the other band members. The group explores emergent timbral, dynamic and social musical structures through improvisation. Having worked together more frequently in duo settings, the trio configuration offers an opportunity to explore new modes of interactions in part facilitated by purpose built technologies that intertwine metallic, wooden and electronic resonances in real time.

Thu 10/17 8:00 PM Luggage Store Creative Music Series [1007 Market Street SF]
David Samas, Cheryl Leonard, Dan Gotwald – Natural Objects, Inventions, Voice
Christina Braun – movement Tom Nunn – Original Inventions

Thu 10/17 8:00 PM Temescal Arts Center [511 48th Street Oakland]
Sam Ospovat – solo drums!
Lisa Mezzacappa SIX
Aaron Bennett, tenor sax
Mark Clifford, vibes
John Finkbeiner, guitar
Tim Perkis, electronics
Sam Ospovat, drums
Lisa Mezzacappa, bass
Kasey Knudsen, alto sax
Ben Goldberg, clarinet
Andrew Stephens, trumpet
Nora Stanley, alto sax