Deconstructing Interference #20

Source: Deconstructing Interference.

We made it! This is the 20th installment of Deconstructing Interference, and there are some very interesting recent albums to share with you. Free-jazz master Peter Brotzmann released a record marking the anniversary of the seminal Machine Gun, while Laurie Anderson collaborates with two greats in Tenzin Choegyal and Jesse Paris Smith to investigate the mysteries of the Bardo. Fly Pan Am return after 15 years reestablishing their off-kilter take on shoegaze, while Copperhead turns back the clock to the early days of the noise rock and industrial scenes. Mike Patton continues his tradition of great collaborations, working with Serge Gainsbourg co-conspirator Jean-Claude Vennier, while the bizarre alliance of The Utopia Strong unleashes a staggering work of kosmische musik. On the experimental front of electronic music Floating Spectrum arrives with an excellent debut of minimal bliss, while Carl Gari and Abdullah Miniawy continue to blur the lines between electronic and traditional music. Finally, on the techno side, Evigt Morker returns with his first full-length and drummer Merlin Ettore steps into the spotlight with Sorcery.