Kayo Dot’s Epic, Experimental Metal: A Retrospective 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

As the sole constant member of the genre-hopping, experimental-metal project Kayo Dot, Toby Driver has made it his mission to circumvent the obvious. This is a band that can swing wildly from operatic doom through neoclassical space-rock to outright electro prog, often within the course of a single epic track; the lyrical depth, whether delivered via growls, croons, or sung in falsetto, is less likely to have audiences waving their cigarette lighters than reaching for the nearest dictionary. (The vocabulary of Kayo Dot’s new album, Blasphemy, includes words like “circumambulation.”)

It is, therefore, entirely understandable that Kayo Dot have found themselves mostly ignored by whole swathes of the metal community, overshadowed by the likes of Coheed and Cambria and The Mars Volta. And that’s a shame. As their small and fiercely loyal fan base can attest, Kayo Dot’s catalog reflects a project forever evolving, with no shortage of genuine surprises. Here’s a rundown of Driver’s impressive catalog so far.