All About Jazz Reviews

Source: All About Jazz.

Phil Ranelin
Phil Ranelin Collected 2003-2019 (Wide Hive Records)

Bill Frisell
Harmony (Blue Note Records)

Kris Davis
Diatom Ribbons (Pyroclastic Records)

Burton Greene / Damon Smith / Ra Kalam Bob Moses
Life’s Intense Mystery (Astral Spirits)

Noah Preminger Group
Zigsaw: Music Of Steve Lampert (Self Produced)

This Week in New York 


An evening of storytelling and song that explores ideas of home, loss, and migration. The program showcases abstracted covers of traditional song performed by singular singer/violinist and Pulitzer-Prize winning composer Caroline Shaw; music by Korean-American composer, vocalist, and performing sound artist Bora Yoon; and the work of multi-instrumentalist/composer Shelley Washington, who will perform a solo piece on the baritone saxophone.
Tuesday, October 1 at 7:30 PM
National Sawdust, 80 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY

This iteration of Blank Forms features trumpeter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer Wadada Leo Smith.
Thursday, October 3 at 8:00 PM
Brooklyn Music School Theater, 126 St Felix Street, Brooklyn, NY

Contemporary music and multimedia group ENSEMBLE / PARALLAX presents an all-Italian program in collaboration with mezzo-soprano Kathleen Roland, featuring music by composers Salvatore Sciarrino and Patricia Alessandrini.
Friday, October 4 at 7:30 PM
National Sawdust, 80 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY

Join violin/viola duo andPlay for an evening of music, drinks, and treats to celebrate the release of its debut CD, playlist. andPlay’s performances at the event include two works featured on the album: David Bird’s Apocrypha and Clara Iannotta’s Limun, plus a preview of a new work by Adam Roberts. Opening for andPlay, the composer/cellist/vocalist Meaghan Burke performs a set of original songs for voice and cello.
Friday, October 4 at 7:30 PM
Metropolis Ensemble, 1 Rivington Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY

AMN Picks of the Week: Zeena Parkins & Wobbly / Synchro Rhythmic Eclectic Language / Tomeka Reid Quartet / Rodrigo Amado & Chris Corsano

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Zeena Parkins / Wobbly – Triplicates (2019)
Synchro Rhythmic Eclectic Language (SREL) – Lambi (1976)
Tomeka Reid Quartet – Old New (2019)
Rodrigo Amado / Chris Corsano – No Place to Fall (2019)

Newsbits: Kayo Dot / Dreaming Drums / Nels Cline and Yuka Honda / Sloth Racket / Joe McPhee and Paal Nilssen-Love

Blasphemy from Kayo Dot is reviewed.

Dreaming Drums, a new book about jazz drumming from Christian Ducasse and Franck Médioni is also reviewed.

And yet another review, this one of the new release from Nels Cline and Yuka Honda.

The Quietus reviews the new Sloth Racket.

The new Joe McPhee and Paal Nilssen-Love duo is up for free streaming.

The Stone in October

Source: New York’s Stone.

10/1 Tuesday (DG)
8:30 pm
Brian Marsella, Jon Irabagon
Brian Marsella (piano, keys) Jon Irabagon (saxes)

10/2 Wednesday (NB)
8:30 pm
Gatos do Sul
Brian Marsella (piano) Itai Kriss (flute) Mark Feldman (violin) Jon Irabagon (tenor sax, clarinet) Pablo Aslan (bass) Kenny Grohowski (drums) Cyro Baptista (percussion)

10/3 Thursday
8:30 pm
Marsella, Mori, Wollesen
Brian Marsella (synths) Ikue Mori (electronics) Kenny Wollesen (drums)

10/4 Friday (RB)
8:30 pm
Brian Marsella, Erik Friedlander
Brian Marsella (piano) Erik Friedlander (cello)

10/5 Saturday (RK)
8:30 pm
These are the Songs
Cyro Baptista (percussion) Brian Marsella (piano, keys)

10/8 Tuesday (RK)
8:30 pm
Loren Connors, Ryan Sawyer and Laura Ortman
Loren Connors (guitar) Ryan Sawyer (drums) Laura Ortman (violin, guitar)

10/9 Wednesday
8:30 pm
Ego Sensation, Shayna Dulberger and Laura Ortman
Ego Sensation (electric bass) Shayna Dulberger (acoustic bass) Laura Ortman (amplified violin, electric guitar)

10/10 Thursday (FM)
8:30 pm
Shelley Burgon and Laura Ortman
Shelley Burgon (harp, electronics, voice) Laura Ortman (violin, voice, electric guitar)

10/11 Friday (SS)
8:30 pm
Raven Chacon and Laura Ortman
Raven Chacon (guitar, violin, voice) Laura Ortman (guitar, sampler, voice, violin)

10/12 Saturday (SS)
8:30 pm
In Defense of Memory
Marshall Trammell (drums, voice, tapes) Carlos Santisteven (bass, sampler, casio, violin) Laura Ortman (4-track, violin, voice, bass)

10/15 Tuesday
8:30 pm
Will Bernard (guitar) Ches Smith (drums) Chris Lightcap (bass)

10/16 Wednesday
8:30 pm
Will Bernard (guitar) Ben Perowsky (drums) Jonathan Goldberger (guitar) Brad Jones (bass)

10/17 Thursday (ICS)
8:30 pm
Will Bernard (guitar) Rinde Eckert (voice) Kenny Wollesen (drums)

10/18 Friday (LL)
8:30 pm
Will Bernard (guitar) Bill Laswell (bass) Aaron Johnston (drums) Peter Apfelbaum (sax, keys)

10/19 Saturday (FM)
8:30 pm
Will Bernard (guitar) Ikue Mori (electronics) Brian Chase (drums) Charlie Burnham (violin) Kirk Knufke (trumpet) Mike McGinnis (clarinet, sax)

10/22 Tuesday (KM)
8:30 pm
Digital Primitives
Assif Tsahar (sax) Cooper-Moore (piano) Chad Taylor (drums)

10/23 Wednesday (HM)
8:30 pm
Assif Tsahar (sax) Mat Maneri (viola) Ches Smith (drums)

10/24 Thursday (NB)
8:30 pm
Assif Tsahar (sax) Darius Jones (sax) Rob Brown (sax) Yoni Kretzmer (sax) Steve Swell (trombone) Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz (bass)

10/25 Friday (DT)
8:30 pm
Assif Tsahar (sax) William Parker (bass) Hamid Drake (drums)

10/26 Saturday (HM)
8:30 pm
Assif Tsahar (sax) William Parker (bass) Hamid Drake (drums)

10/29 Tuesday (DG)
8:30 pm
Trevor Dunn (bass) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Ches Smith (drums)

10/30 Wednesday (LL)
8:30 pm
Amirtha Kidambi (voice) Brian Chase (drums) Brandon Seabrook (guitar) Trevor Dunn (bass)

10/31 Thursday (RK)
8 pm
Schemes of Omission—Halloween edition: Bass Quartet
Tim Dahl, Trevor Dunn, Devin Hoff, Brandon Lopez (basses)