Sirius Quartet’s Progressive Chamber Music Festival in NYC Oct. 10-11

Source: Greenwich House.

October 10-11, 2019
Greenwich House Music School
46 Barrow Street, NYC

Thursday, Oct 10 @ 7PM
Lisa Hoppe’s Third Reality (Charlotte Greve, Lisa Hoppe, Tal Yahalom)
Pascal’s Triangle (Pascal Le Boeuf, Martin Nevin, Peter Kronreif )
Shoko Nagai & Satoshi Takeishi’s VORTEX

Friday, Oct 11 @ 7PM
Sirius Quartet
For Living Lovers (Brandon Ross & Stomu Takeishi)
Theremin Noir (Rob Schwimmer, Mark Feldman, Uri Caine)

On October 10, Lisa Hoppe’s Third Reality (Charlotte Greve, Lisa Hoppe, Tal Yahalom) kicks things off with its mindful and otherworldly original compositions. Then composer/pianist Pascal Le Boeuf’s modern jazz piano trio Pascal’s Triangle will take the audience on a deep dive. Le Boeuf describes the trio’s philosophy as that of a diver “charged with the task of swimming deep within the mind, beneath the surface of reality, to retrieve something beautiful, undiscovered or interesting to share with the real world.” Shoko Nagai and Satoshi Takeishi, known for intense improvisational music that has been described as “almost visible to the listener, close out the evening.

On October 11, Sirius Quartet will open with music from their new record, New World (out August 23 on ZOHO Records). For Living Lovers, featuring Brandon Ross and Stomu Takeishi, and all-star trio Theremin Noir round out the night. The album Theremin Noir was released 20 years ago and its re-release is timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the invention of the theremin in 1920. This is darkly evocative modern chamber music with a healthy dose of improvisation by three masters – Rob Schwimmer (theremin), Mark Feldman (violin), Uri Caine (piano). The program includes fascinating interpretations of thematic highlights culled from the oeuvre of film composer Bernard Herrmann, who created an astonishing musical-psychological subtext for director Alfred Hitchcock’s greatest films as well as originals and improvisations.