Jason Kao Hwang Upcoming Performances

Source: Jason Kao Hwang.

Jason Kao Hwang/Critical Response
Jason Kao Hwang – composer/violin/viola/electronics
Michael T.A.Thompson – drum set
Anders Nilsson – electric guitar/electronics

Saturday, 9/14,4pm
2950 Maple St. NW
Takoma Park, Washington, DC 20012

Saturday, 9/21. 3:30 pm
Children’s Magical Garden
129 Stanton St.
New York City, NY

Thursday, 9/26, 7pm
Augusta Savage Gallery
University of Massachusetts
180 Infirmary Way
Amherst, MA
7pm Patricia Spears Jones
8pm Critical Response

Friday, 9/27, 8 pm
Saturday, 9/28, 8 pm
Yoshiko Chuma
Secret Journey to Tipping Utopia
92nd Street Y
1395 Lexington Avenue
New York City, NY

Yoshiko Chuma’s The School of Hard Knocks
Jason Kao Hwang, Violinist/Violist
Emily Bartsch, Dancer
Elizabeth Kresch, Painter of the Portraits
Miriam Parker, Dancer
Dan Kuan Peeples, Actor
Emily Marie Pope, Dancer
Alexis Ruiseco-Lombera, Dancer
Chisa Takahashi, Makeup Artist
Dane Terry, Pianist
Devin Brahja Waldman, Saxophonist
Zaybra, Dancer

Sunday, 9/29, 8pm
Jason Kao Hwang/Sing House
Jason Kao Hwang – composer/violin/viola
Andrew Drury – drum set
Ken Filiano – string bass
Chris Forbes – piano
Kalun Leung – trombone
Jazz Habitat
El Barrio’s Art Space
215 East 99th Street
New York City, New York
7pm set: David Leon (alto sax), Sonya Belaya (piano), Florian Herzog (bass), Stephen Boegehold (drums)

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