The Bridge Mini-Festival in Paris and Bordeaux, October 16-20

This October, The Bridge will celebrate the passage from one cycle to next with a mini-festival in Paris and Bordeaux, alongside a conference on W.E.B. DuBois organized with the University of Chicago, Paris-VII and Bordeaux.

Here are the 5 Bridge ensembles that’ll be present:

Sonic Communion [The Bridge #1]
Jean-Luc Cappozzo – trumpet, flugelhorn
Douglas R. Ewart – woodwinds, sound objects
Joëlle Léandre – double bass
Bernard Santacruz – double bass
Michael Zerang – drums, percussions

The Turbine! [The Bridge #3] + guests
Benjamin Duboc – double bass
Hamid Drake – drums, frame drum
Ramon Lopez – drums, tabla
Thibault Cellier – double bass
Mike Reed – drums

Shore to Shore [The Bridge #4]
Rob Mazurek – cornet, electronics
Mwata Bowden – clarinet, baritone saxophone, didjeridoo, percussion
Julien Desprez – electric guitar
Matt Lux – electric bass guitar
Mathieu Sourisseau – acoustic bass guitar

Transatlantic Amazon Gods [The Bridge #9]
Mike Ladd – improvised poetry/lyrics, EMS synthi
Mankwe M. N. Ndosi – voice, poetry, story, texture
Sylvain Kassap – clarinets
Dana Hall – drums, cymbals

The Bridge #12
Lisa E. Harris – voice
Nicole Mitchell – flute
Christian Pruvost – trumpets
Lionel Garcin – saxophones
Christophe Rocher – clarinets