Sound American’s Lee Hyla Issue Release on September 23

Source: Sound American.

Sound American Publications is pleased to announce that their 22nd issue will be released on Monday, September 23rd.

This issue, our second available in both print and online formats, pays homage to Lee Hyla, a composer and educator who had a profound effect on his peers and students, and who was tragically taken from the music world too soon.

SA22: The Lee Hyla Issue, has been lovingly guest edited by Shawn Jaeger—a fascinating composer in his own right—with help from Lee’s partner Katherine Desjardins. The thematic portion of the SA22 is made up of remembrances of Lee the human being and appreciations of Lee the composer, and features writing by Eliza Brown, Stephen Drury, Christopher Lochheed-Fisher, Scott Wheeler, Ben Hjertmann, Rhonda Rider, and Bryan Hayslett.

The rest of the issue has been built around an abstracted idea of loss, with essays by Rick Moody, Colin Stetson, Charissa Noble, Jerome Harris, and Sam Amidon, as well as an interview with flutist Claire Chase and an insightful conversation between composers Kate Soper and Eric Wubbel. Jaeger also plies his compositional art by submitting Part Two of our Exquisite Corpse composition. Pictures of Lee, curated by Katherine Desjardins are found throughout.