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Kyoko Kitamura Update

Source: Kyoko Kitamura.

My band Tidepool Fauna, this time with Ingrid Laubrock (sax), Stomu Takeishi (bass) and Dayeon Seok (drums), will have a very rare outing on September 29 in a double bill with the NSD Trio featuring the amazing vocalist Kristin Norderval on voice and prepared harp.

Sunday September 29
Scholes Street Studio 375 Lorimer St. Brooklyn, NY 11206
NSD Trio presents: “Future Retrospection” with Kristin Norderval (voice and prepared harp), P.S. (piano and percussion), P.D. (drums and percussion).
Kyoko Kitamura’s Tidepool Fauna with Kyoko Kitamura (voice), Ingrid Laubrock (tenor sax), Stomu Takeishi (bass), Dayeon Seok (drums).

After that, I will be preparing for Anthony Braxton’s Sonic Genome which opens this year’s Jazzfest Berlin. Anthony and fourteen of his collaborators, myself included, will head to Berlin to be joined by 45 other musicians on site for a multi-hour performance taking place at the Gropius Bau museum.

Further ahead…

Geometry Quartet, featuring Joe Morris, Tomeka Reid, Taylor Ho Bynum and myself, recorded a new album! This one feels even more astounding than the last. The collective sound we four created is beyond what I could have imagined. Please stay tuned for the release date and event. The album will be available, once again, on the fine Relative Pitch Records label.