Preview of Jazz Trio Thumbscrew’s Pittsburgh Performance 

Source: Pittsburgh Current.

The photos on Thumbscrew’s second album, Convallaria, show the band posing in an undeveloped building. Considering the trio’s connection with the experimental jazz scene in New York, the locale might be misconstrued as a loft in that city. But the pictures were taken in Pittsburgh in the space that has since become Alphabet City, the performance space, book store and restaurant connected with the City of Asylum organization.

The 2015 residency that yielded both Convallaria’s music and photos was the first of several trips that Mary Halvorson (guitar), Tomas Fujiwara (drums) and Michael Formanek (bass) have made to Pittsburgh. They have recorded three albums at Mr. Smalls Studio in the North Side, a stone’s throw from Alphabet City. All three have also brought their own projects to town.

All three members of Thumbscrew lead other bands, but they launched the trio as a cooperative where everyone brings in compositions and has an equal say. Despite their busy schedules, all three of them are committed to making time for the project.