Charlemagne Palestine’s Favorite Films

Source: The Quietus.

Not many people know that before Charlemagne Palestine established himself as a composer and performer of intense, marathon pieces for piano he considered himself primarily a video artist, (before video was even a thing): developing a style of first person shooting which he called “subjective camera”. In the 80s and 90s, while on semi-hiatus from performing, visual art and particularly film was his primary output. So, it was perhaps unsurprising that when we asked Palestine for a list of his favourite albums and he instead sent back a list of his favourite films.

That said, Palestine is also something of a contrarian. Famously when asked if he fit in with the inventors of minimalists like Riley, Glass and Reich, his contemporaries on the New York scene, he replied “if anything, I invented maximalism”. Yet this contrarian attitude is not borne out of pure mischief, something he certainly exudes, but because he doesn’t much like labels and rules. Incidentally, he also doesn’t much like lists.