The Free Jazz Collective Reviews

Source: The Free Jazz Collective.

Marshall Allen, Danny Ray Thompson, Jamie Saft, Trevor Dunn, Bálazs Pándi, Roswell Rudd ‎– Ceremonial Healing (RareNoise Records, 2019) ****½

Party Knüllers X Jaimie Branch – Live at the Casa (Self-released, 2019) ****

Jazz em Agosto, Day 8

Jazz em Agosto, Day 7

Elephant9 ‎– Psychedelic Backfire I & II (Rune Grammofon, 2019) ****

Jazz em Agosto, Day 6

Matthew Shipp & Mat Maneri – Conference of the Mat/ts (RogueArt, 2018) ****½

Jazz em Agosto, Day 5

Bastarda – Ars Moriendi (Lado, 2019) ****

The Attic – Summer Bummer (No Business, 2019) ****½

Coming to Detroit’s Trinosophes

Source: Trinosophes.

Tomorrow! Wednesday, Aug. 14: Stephan Christianson & Friends, Creode, Vision Board

After two limited cassette releases, Unknown Fortune is the vinyl debut of Stefan Christensen’s “& Friends” moniker. Featuring all members of Mountain Movers and Headroom, Unknown Fortune showcases a super-group of sorts taking its time to unwind and gel together under the unique and steady guidance of the seasoned songwriter and noisemaker. Recorded by former Mountain Movers drummer John Miller, the album features Christensen and Headroom/Mountain Movers guitarist Kryssi Battalene dialoguing in a sonic language all their own, while Rick Omonte, Ross Menze and David Shapiro provide rhythm and structure to the guitarists furthest flights.

Opening the show with a Detroit-style array of electronics, tape machines, mixers and the occasional traditional instrument are Creode (Samantha Flowers & Tyler Hicks) and Vision Board (Dominic Coppola & Matt Conzett). Doors at 8 pm; $8.

Friday, Aug. 16: Noura Mint Somali (Mauritania), Pete Larson

Noura Mint Seymali is a nationally-beloved star and one of Mauritania’s foremost musical emissaries. Born into a prominent line of Moorish griot, Noura began her career at age 13 as a supporting vocalist with her step-mother, the legendary Dimi Mint Abba. Trained in instrumental technique by her grandmother, Mounina, Noura mastered the ardine, a 9-string harp reserved only for women. Seymali Ould Ahmed Vall, Noura’s father and namesake, sparked her compositional instincts, himself a seminal scholar figure in Mauritanian music; studying Arab classical music in Iraq, devising the first system for Moorish melodic notation, adapting the national anthem, and composing many works popularized by his wife, Dimi. Reared in this transitive culture where sounds from across the Sahara, the Magreb, and West Africa coalesce, Noura Mint Seymali currently drives the legacy forward as one of Mauritania’s most adventurous young artists.

Dr. Pete Larson kicks things off with new directions in nyatiti music. Doors at 8 pm; $15 general admission | $20 front row

9/11: Les Filles de Illighadad (Niger),Shells
9/12: New Music Detroit’s Strange and Beautiful Muisc
9/13: Opening reception for Bonsai: Part II, an exhibition by Tom Phardel
9/27: Karuna (Adam Rudolph, Hamed Drake)
10/4: Sarah Davachi

Taylor Ho Bynum News

Source: Taylor Ho Bynum.

I’m extremely excited to announce the forthcoming release of a new album – The Ambiguity Manifesto – along with some upcoming gigs this summer/fall. The 9-tette featured on the recording includes some of my favorite musicians on the planet: Bill Lowe (bass trombone, tuba), Ingrid Laubrock (soprano & tenor saxophone), Jim Hobbs (alto saxophone), Ken Filiano (acoustic bass, electronics), Mary Halvorson (electric guitar), Stomu Takeishi (electric bass guitar), Tomas Fujiwara (drums), and Tomeka Reid (cello). Everyone made some incredible individual and collective choices, and I think we ended up with some very cool music.

The whole band will be playing in NYC at The Jazz Gallery, Friday August 16 (sets at 7:30 & 9:30). Then we’ll be scaling down to my long-running Sextet (Bill, Jim, Mary, Ken, Tomas) for a couple more gigs later in the fall: in my old stomping grounds of Jamaica Plain with Mandorla Music at Hope Church, Saturday September 21 (8pm), and my New Haven home at Firehouse 12, Friday November 8 (sets at 8pm & 9:30). Please come out if you can! The album is officially released on Sept 20, but we’ll have copies for sale at all the gigs. In the meantime – here are a couple videos, a “behind the scenes” mini-doc, and the live studio performance of the album’s hit single “neither when nor where”.

Illegal Crowns is a collective quartet with the wonderful musicians Mary Halvorson (guitar), Tomas Fujiwara (drums), and Benoît Delbecq (piano) – our latest album, with compositions by all four of us, has just been released on vinyl by the Rogue Art label. I love this group – and keep your eyes open, we’ll be making our long-delayed US tour debut next spring. Check it out!

And Firehouse 12 Records just released a recording from 2014 – Anthony Braxton assembled a one-time-only quartet with some bad-ass noise makers, Greg Saunier (drums) and Nels Cline (guitar). Not to be reductive (I’m much more expansive in the liner notes ;-) – but it’s kinda Braxton’s rock album, and it’s as much fun as that sounds. Rolling Stone liked it, you will too. Available here!

Seattle Scene: August 16-24, 2019

From Seattle’s Wayward Music Series:


Chapel Performance Space at Good Shepherd Center

4th Floor, 4649 Sunnyside Ave. N, Seattle 98103 (corner N 50th St. in Wallingford)

Every month, Nonsequitur and a community of like-minded presenters and artists offer ten concerts of adventurous music in an informal yet respectful all-ages setting: contemporary classical, free improvisation, the outer limits of jazz, electronic music, microtonal/new instruments, sound art, and other extraordinary sonic experiences.

Levi Gills: Viridian Dreams
Fri. Aug. 16, 8 PM; $5 – $20 donation at door

Levi Gillis and Artist Trust present the premiere of Viridian Dreams, a new work for tenor saxophone and improvising chamber ensemble. Over the last year, Gillis has worked to develop a distinctive saxophonic vocabulary for solo performance. In this most recent iteration, he performs these works with a chamber ensemble of Ray Larsen (trumpet), Ebony Miranda (cello), Alina To (violin), Wayne Horvitz (piano).

McDonas / Boshnack / Denio
Sat. Aug. 17, 8 PM; $5 – $15 donation at door

Pianist Thollem McDonas returns to join forces with trumpeter Samantha Boshnack and multi-instrumentalist Amy Denio. All three are masters of their instruments, bringing an extraordinarily wide array of techniques and experiences to this concert. These musicians approach music with precision and abandon, fierceness and joy as they explore the infinite possibilities of their instruments and their relationship to each other.

Thu. 8/22 – Touring duos Marcia Bassett / Samara Lubelski (NYC) and Kaori Suzuki / John Krausbauer (Oakland) perform with Seattle’s Greg Kelley / Rob Millis

Fri. 8/23 – Aaron Michael Butler and Bonnie Whiting present a concert thought-provoking compositions and improvisations solo (and perhaps duo?) percussion

Sat. 8/24 – Post-classical composers and pianists Kyte Mika (Seattle) and Peter Colclasure (San Jose, CA via Seattle) play a set each of original work, aiming for a soothing, ambient, and beautiful sonic landscape

Sequenza21 Reviews

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Joseph Benzola – 3 Haikus

David Gunn – The Third Highway

SUSTAIN: Works for Piano & Percussion Instruments

Isaac Schankler – Because Patterns

Jeffrey Holmes – May the Bridges I Burn Light My Way

Peter Thoegersen – Three Pieces in Polytempic Polymicrotonality

Nadia Shpachenko – The Poetry of Places

Michael Byron – Fabric for String Noise