REDCAT Fall Schedule

Source: REDCAT. Highlights of the Fall season include:

Oct 03 to Oct 05
Angel City Jazz Festival
The 2019 Angel City Jazz festival arrives at REDCAT with a double bill: critically acclaimed Anna Webber’s Simple Trio and Jenny Scheinman & Allison Miller’s Parlour Game. The festival continues with another double bill: Katisse + Diatom Ribbons.

Nov 10 to Nov 11
Studio: Fall 2019
REDCAT’s quarterly program of new works and works-in-progress highlights new forms of dance, theater, music and multimedia performance in a wide-ranging evening that celebrates the vitality of LA’s artists making work for the stage.

Nov 16
Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, with Liturgy and CalArts’ Sonic Boom dir. Ulrich Krieger: Origin of the Alimonies
Origin of the Alimonies is a multidisciplinary opera by Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, the founder of Liturgy, the “transcendental black metal” band which The New York Times praised as “hungry for other musical languages, devouring them and putting them to work.”

Dec 11
Julia Holter and Isaura String Quartet: hum
Using the vulnerability of the human voice as a connective thread, the Isaura String Quartet weaves together a program of music exploring hidden layers, transformations, and unspoken realities.