Oren Ambarchi’s Favorite Jazz Recordings

Source: The Quietus.

Australian musician Oren Ambarchi is a self-described obsessive. More than once, he described putting together his Baker’s Dozen as “like pulling teeth”. The first version was a cryptic list of over 25 records assembled into 13 positions, which had a hidden logic to the connections. A second version required narrowing the focus to a small but extremely influential set of records pertaining mostly to his teenage years. He still struggled not to include more than one album per listing – formative influences like Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman and the entire ECM catalogue wouldn’t be pulled apart. What all this points to is that Ambarchi has always been into bodies of work – the way he talks about music is about understanding catalogues and artist’s work, rather than isolating and identifying an individual album as the be all and end all of someone’s output.