Edgefest 2019, October 16-19 in Ann Arbor

Source: Kerrytown Concert House is the place for the venerable Edgefest, back for another run of free jazz and creative music.

6:00 PM | Lucian Ban and Alex Harding Duo
Lucian Ban, piano
Alex Harding, saxophone
DARK BLUE by Alex Harding and Lucian Ban released May 17th on Sunnyside Records

7:00 PM | Michael Marcus Quartet
Sponsored by Marc Andren and Christine Reardon
Michael Marcus, woodwinds
John Austria, keyboard
Tyler Mitchell, bass
Warren Smith, drums & percussion
8:00 PM | Opening VIP dinner party @ Fustini’s for all Edgepass holders, artists, and sponsors

9:00 PM | Oluyemi Thomas’ Positive Knowledge
Oluyemi Thomas, bass clarinet & saxophones
Ijeoma Thomas, voice
Kenn Thomas, piano
Ben Willis, bass
David Hurley, drums

All Thursday events are held at Blue Llama Jazz Club

6:00 PM | Filiano/Ilgenfritz/Michalowski/Schoenbeck
Ken Filiano, bass
James Ilgenfritz, bass
Piotr Michalowski, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, and soprano saxophone
Sara Schoenbeck, bassoon

7:00 PM | William Hooker – Remembrance
Sponsored by Alan Feller
Mara Rosenbloom, piano
Adam Lane, bass
William Hooker, drums

8:00 PM | Myra Melford Trio and Myra with UM Creative Arts Orchestra
Melford/Golia/Bruckmann Trio
Sponsored by Luis Torregrosa
Myra Melford, piano
Vinny Golia, winds
Kyle Bruckmann, oboe
Myra Melford performs her composition with UM Creative Arts Orchestra; Mark Kirschenmann, Director


7:00 PM | Andrew Bishop’s New and Used
Andrew Bishop, winds
Peter Formanek, winds
Derek Worthington, trumpet
Karalyn Schubring, piano

8:00 PM | Cycle of Restoration
Mark Kirschenmann, trumpet
William Hooker, drums
Joel Peterson, bass

9:00 PM | Wayne Horvitz’s Snowghost Trio PLUS Sara Schoenbeck, bassoon
Wayne Horvitz, piano, amplified piano, live processing, Wurlitzer electric piano, Hammond B-3, Nord lead, TX-7 mellotron
Sara Schoenbeck, bassoon
Geoff Harper, contrabass
Eric Eagle, drums & percussion

10:00 PM | Bobby Bradford and Vinny Golia Quartet
Sponsored by Mike Resil
Bobby Bradford, cornet and trumpet
Vinny Golia, winds
Ken Filiano, bass
Michael TA Thompson, drums

12:00 PM | Edgefest Parade
Scarlett Middle School band students (Caroline Fitzgerald, Band Director) plus Edgefest artists and community members participate in this raucous and exciting moment in the Kerrytown downtown/Farmers’ Market area.

2:00 PM | Tad Weed Tribute
Sponsored by Niraj Ganatra, Nimish Ganatra and Bonnie Patterson
Ken Filiano, bass
Pete Siers, drums
Vinny Golia, winds
Andrew Bishop, saxophones
Gary Schunk, piano

3:00 PM | Lisa Mezzacappa Six: Cosmicomics
Aaron Bennett, tenor saxophone
John Finkbeiner, electric guitar
Mark Clifford, vibraphone
Tim Perkis, electronics
Lisa Mezzacappa, bass
TBA, drums

4:00 PM | Thompson/Filiano/Cooper-Moore Trio
Sponsored by Luis Torregrosa
Cooper-Moore, piano
Ken Filiano, bass
Michael TA Thompson, drums

8:00 PM | Grand Finale Evening
at Bethlehem United Church of Christ
ROVA Saxophone Quartet
Sponsored by Frank Rubolino
Bruce Ackley, soprano saxophone
Steve Adams, alto saxophone
Larry Ochs, tenor saxophone
Jon Raskin, baritone saxophone
Vinny Golia leads large ensemble in performance of his compositions created for Edgefest 2019.
Sponsored by Keith Martin
Participants include:
UMS Creative Arts Orchestra Students
Mark Kirschenmann
Derek Worthington
Ken Kozora
Andrew Bishop
Katri Ervamaa
Abby Alwin
Ken Filiano
ROVA Quartet
Kyle Bruckmann
Lisa Mezzacappa Sextet
and more TBA!