Six Artists Who Make Music on Homemade Instruments 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

There are DIY artists—the kind who shun industry structures in favor of managing every aspect of their career themselves—and then there are artists who take DIY to the extreme. Not only do they home record and handle their own booking, they also build their own instruments from scratch. From an artistic perspective, that kind of independence can be liberating.

“If you start totally from scratch and really engage with every step of the process, you are bound to come up with something uniquely your own,” says Jason Sidney Sanford of the band Neptune. Sanford’s instruments are like functional sculpture, made from sheet metal, repurposed VCR cases, and metal chairs. “The drawback is that it takes a lot longer—there are no off-the-shelf solutions. The reward is that you come up with music that no one else could ever have made.”

Other artists prefer making music with found objects, or by circuit-bending discarded electronics. Those options are cheap—most garbage is free—and they’re environmentally friendly as well. “Electronic gear contains a lot of toxic, non-biodegradable, destructively extracted materials,” says John Hardin, the mastermind behind Electric Earth Music. “I love what electronics can do with sound, but because of their high environmental cost, I feel that electronic gear should be made to last a lifetime. The proliferation of disposable electronic toys bothers me. The idea of circuit-bending discarded toys into unique musical instruments appeals to me.”