New World Records Releases

Source: New World Records.

Stuart Saunders Smith: Palm Sunday
Kyle Adam Blair, Piano
An insatiable listener, learner, and reader, Stuart Saunders Smith (b. 1948) has taken into his mind and spirit myriad styles of musical performance spanning centuries, methods of compositional practice of all sorts, and innumerable close personal relationships with artists of all disciplines.

Robert Erickson: Duo, Fives, Quintet, Trio
Camera Lucida
Charles Curtis, cello; Anthony Burr, clarinets; Jeff Thayer, violin; Che-Yen Chen, viola; Travis Maril, viola; Wilfrido Terrazas, flute; Steph Richards, trumpet; Andrea Overturf, English horn; Julie Smith Phillips, harp; Reiko Uchida, piano
Born in Michigan but for most of his life a true Californian, Robert Erickson (1917 – 1997) had a reputation as a maverick.