All About Jazz Reviews

Source: All About Jazz.

Rich Halley With Matthew Shipp, Michael Bisio And Newman Taylor Baker
Terra Incognita (Pine Eagle Records)

Evan Parker / Paul G. Smyth
Calenture and Light Leaks (Weekertoft)

Whit Dickey/Tao Quartets
Peace Planet & Box of Light (AUM Fidelity)

Chat Noir
Hyperuranion (RareNoiseRecords)

William Parker/In Order To Survive
Live/Shapeshifter (AUM Fidelity)

Rich Halley
Terra Incognita (Pine Eagle Records)

Multiple Artists
Dan Phillips He’s Back And He’s Proud

Angelika Niescier – Christopher Tordini – Gerald Cleaver (Feat. Jonathan Finlayson)
New York Trio (Intakt Records)

Elliott Sharp
Syzygy (Dodicilune)

Satoko Fujii / Ramon Lopez
Confluence (Libra Records)

Curtis + Garabedian + Sperrazza
New Year (Outside In Music)

A Spirale & Chris Cogburn
Autocannibalism (Insub)