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John Zorn : Nove Cantici Per Francesco D’Assisi

Composed for a museum residency at the Frick in New York City, “Nove Cantici” is a beautiful suite of music inspired by the life and thought of the beloved spiritual figure Saint Francis of Assisi. A fitting follow-up to the beautiful and moody acoustic guitar CD “Midsummer Moons” from 2017, here the astounding guitar duo of Julian Lage and Gyan Riley is expanded to a trio with the addition of legendary guitarist Bill Frisell. Ten lovely, spiritual compositions for meditation and contemplation performed by three of the most renown guitarists in the world. An essential release that will appeal to perhaps the widest audience Zorn has ever had.

Bill Frisell: Guitars
Gyan Riley: Guitars
Julian Lage: Guitars

Klezmerson : The Book Beri’ah Vol 6—Tiferet

Based in Mexico, Klezmerson is a super creative ever changing ensemble led by violinist, composer and arranger Benjamin Schwartz. Here they do their critically acclaimed and best selling Book of Angels installment one better with wild arrangements blending a variety of Mexican musical traditions with the sound of Masada. Featuring electric and acoustic strings, keyboards, accordions, saxes and of course a huge array of Latin percussion, Tiferet is one of the most delightful and imaginative CDs in the Book Beri’ah!


Federico Schmucler: Guitar
Mauricio Moro “Osito”: Saxes
Chatran Gonzalez: Percussion
Carina Lopez: Bass
Maria Emilia Martinez: Flute
Carlos Metta: Percussion, Jaranas
Gustavo Nanadayapa: Drums
Benjamin Shwartz: Viola, Piano, Keyboards

Jair Alcala: Accordeon
Todd Clouser: Guitar
Jose Paquito Hernandez: Bajo Sexto
Misha Marks: Horn, Latarra
Omar Medina: Jarana, Leona
Rolando Morejon: Violin
Edson Ontiveros: Violin
Alex Otaola: Guitar
Fausto Palma: Oud, Sarangi
Bernardo Ron: Guitar
Dan Zlotnik: Sax



July 6, 2019
Møster!, Energimølla, Kongsberg
Nikolai Eilertsen Kjetil Møster Olaf Olsen Hans Magnus ‘Snah’ Ryan

July 6, 2019
Sylvie Courvoisier & Mark Feldman Quartet featuring Drew Gress and Tom Rainey, Smeltehytta, Kongsberg
Sylvie Courvoisier Mark Feldman Drew Gress Tom Rainey

July 6, 2019
Exoterm, Energimølla, Kongsberg
Kristoffer Alberts Jim Black Nels Cline Rune Nergaard

July 6, 2019
Eirik Hegdal Musical Balloon, Sølvsalen, Kongsberg
Jon Fält Eirik Hegdal Nils-Olav Johansen Eivind Lønning Mattias Ståhl Ole Morten Vågan

July 6, 2019
Summer Strings, Smeltehytta, Kongsberg
Michael Francis Duch Tanja Orning Ilan Volkov John Andrew Wilhite

July 6, 2019
Isabelle Duthoit Solo, Smeltehytta, Kongsberg
Isabelle Duthoit

July 6, 2019
Sofia Jernberg & Agnes Hvizdalek, Smeltehytta, Kongsberg
Agnes Hvizdalek Sofia Jernberg

July 6, 2019
Jonas Cambien Trio, Energimølla, Kongsberg
Jonas Cambien André Roligheten Andreas Wildhagen

Coming to Areté Venue & Gallery

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Tammy Evans Yonce + Melissa Keeling: SLIDING LIFE
7/18/19, 7:00 pm

7/20/19, 8:30 pm

“Trinity Vector” (for Ornette)
Sunday 7/21/19, 4pm

Daniel Meyer / Rob Cosgrove, OTHER PLASTICS, Victoria Cheah, Gleb Kanasevich
7/29/19, 7:00 pm
Daniel Meyer, Rob Cosgrove, Dominic Coles, Hunter Brown, Victoria Cheah, Gleb Kanasevich

“Subtle Life Forms” (Live Electronic Improvisations)
Andrew Neumann, Tom Hamilton, Matthew Ostrowski
7/30/19, 8:00 pm

The Pieces That Fall to Earth
Christopher Cerrone Album Release Event
8/2/19, 8:00 pm

A Small Dream In Red
Avant-Garde Voice and Saxophone Duo // The Art of NOW
8/15/19, 8:30 pm

Ron Stabinsky/Shayna Dunkelman/Ava Mendoza
8/17/19, 3:00 pm

8/19/19, 8:00 pm

5049 Records Podcast Episode 215 – Aaron Novik 

Source: 5049 Records.

For episode 215 clarinetist Aaron Novik swings by for a go-round on the mics. Raised in Connecticut, he lived in San Francisco for several years, where nurtured several longstanding musical relationships. Aaron moved to New York in 2015 and starting tomorrow night , July 16th, he’s kicking off a weeklong residency at the Stone. In an unprecedented move, for each performance Aaron is releasing an EP of new music. Aaron is a sweetheart and I’m glad we finally found the time to talk on the mics. Sorry for the salt levels.